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poor guy -_-U ... even worst for him i went lazy while coloring it XD. NikA is taking a break from drawing XD
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NikA poor guy -_-U ... even worst for him i went lazy while coloring it XD. NikA is taking a break from drawing XD
Deetris 2005-10-10 00:12:14 Looks painful indeed... ^^
Remi 2005-10-10 05:31:51 'hello little bee you remind me of someone .....' Who? (Or is there no story behind it?)
Dustin C. 2005-10-10 07:22:09 oooooooooooooooooowwwww............
NikA 2005-10-10 09:08:21 #1 fan ^-^ LOL, how sweet desty! but dont worry *does heroine pose* i'll be back XD. There is no TRUE story behind it ..... well it has one, it is like a self criticm in some sort of illogical way ...
AIKUZA 2005-10-10 15:22:11 ^^ yeahh.......ok. well you've done quite some cool stuff lately, you deserve a break ^0^
Mactire 2005-10-10 15:44:31 Ok, this piece of art will haunt me in my sleep for weeks ._.' It's nice, actually is hilarious and his expressions are great. (and you taking a break from drawing? Don't you dare! ^_~
Nightwind 2005-10-11 02:19:35 cool really funny! il like the poses
TheDarkHell 2005-10-11 02:46:18 im just feeling the pain while seeing this >_<
NikA 2005-10-11 07:24:19 thanks for the font tip ^-^ i knew i needed a new one ^-^
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Random art
Quickie like in 30 minutes...

ehm...Think this drawing in 50% of hardwork´... i draw a bit better anyway...
its a groundfight;)
triangle move!but the guy keeps his arm stretcht,so she cant push him into the choke,to force a submission^_^
haha yeah a other one..
in the shoune ai style but not so extreem :p

I like this one..

whah thanks to ''minami ozaki( a really great mangaka)'' her artwork is really inspired
coloured by Misato.
effects by photoshop.
please comment....
Long time that i've been here 
After over 2 years of planning I actually sat myself down and drew it. The first page of my manga Seven Stars Of The Apocalypse. I'm very happy. Yes, the tree was a pain. Hopefully there's more to come.
sketch of the third and final promo for WtHoR before i head off to grad school in a month...... final... ;__;
well this is my catboy J.J he is a boss and i love him XD
this one is originaly made by AIKUZA but I did the colorzzzz... It's very old. 2005 or something maybe older XD
finally i can post some new art 
here is another page from my sketch book brand new yaa
comments are wecome 
ps. which one of these characters shuold i color 
u tell me
Wah... the server destroyed the pic, so I upload it again ;_; I'm gonna delete the other... well, so the comments too, so give me some new ones please!

This one is the last picture I make of Limit Control so far... LC is my first manga, and it has ca. 50 pages... still I haven't finished it yet. Well, I like this one very much, it's the best I ever draw of them. Shingo and Ken (black hair) are very dear to me. Still... I won't finish the manga, cause my style changed so much. Maybe I'm going to start working on LC again...
Dustin C.
drew alot in class today... well alice, alice and alice :)