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AIKUZA 2005-10-10 15:07:31 jaaaaaa.... 80's keyboard
yin 2005-10-11 04:12:37 I did this in Cinema 4D and the reflections were done by a surface modifier.
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i really love soi of fushigi yuugi...not only because og her costume that i want to try on...mostly..i love her character though she is one of the enemy or the antagonist in the story.... i was interested with her because of nakago being her she is really beautiful like me...hehehe
I have no idea what to do for the background...sigh...
Heya, decided to upload something, just to let you know i didn't die yet XD.

ITs actually my first real tablet artwork. Its also notn finished but i dont wnt to work on it anymore. Enjoy and byebye ^^
the first time I made a drawing with only shade colors and pen AND pensil. I'm verry proud of it, the negative is on my background and it really has a creapy effect. krad and satoshi are actualy from DN Angel ©
just a normal school girl ^-^
I like to draw Kenji xD
he is so cool haha
Cool quest picture that I drew for a friend on
Pff.. after a long time a new drawing. Took me long to make something that I acutally wanted to share with you (^.^") 
A sketch of the new version of my character Mirai that I'm working on.
One of my charachters
hello mws! it was a long time ago! tihihihih :P look at me animation too!!

comments are appreciated!!!
An old picture  I think it's quite okay
A birthday gift for the Fablespinner D. ^^ It's (suppose to be) Trowa and Quatre from Gundum Wing. I'dlike to go on the record to say . . . I stink at skin tones! ^^;; Tro and Quat's are waaaaay too contrasting. Ah, hell. I'll just say Tro got a tan from Quat's sunny disposition and leave it at that! ^^;;
The girl called LaFaye Christine preparing an attack, comments are welcome, please be harder :3