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Quiz time !!!
What do you think is going to happen next?
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noname Quiz time !!! What do you think is going to happen next?
Zeph 2005-10-06 17:54:55 Timmy there was getting bad grades in arithmetic so he got a beatin' from some his sister! bad timmy! do better!
Misato 2005-10-07 10:39:07 He is going to explode!!! No eggs... no sister... nothing... only death. (what???? no eggs??? what will we eat???????) CUT! (think....)
noname 2005-10-07 10:44:28 Misato if i say that this is the correct ... someone may tell that the quiz was set ... but you are right ...
SAM 2005-10-08 06:28:55 he is going to eat his eggs and shuts up ^^ girl power !!!! hahah
Misato 2005-10-15 15:50:04 ^^
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Yep, I guess I should try and find other drawing topics than girls showing too much skin all the time.. It is fun, though.. Anyway, I'm not sure whether the body / face is correct so opinions are welcome!
Kanda kun form D.Gray-Man, he is totally awesome!! Enjoy...~ Xx
There's no fairy section here so I put this in the 'ANGEL' section instead.  This is a watercolor painting I did.
well its finshed ^^ hope you like it
Just Cloud again^^
I hope you like it^^
This took me several months...i had help from my's naruto,from the anime..
sketch : a quick one nothing special :P
color : This is my first time using photoshop to color a sketch, I know it sucks T_T 
anyway it is all about a conspiracy (yea i ve watched NHK ) of vampires taking advantage of otakus (no i am not drunk again hik .. not totally hik  )...the sketch above shows how it works !!

case still someone doesn't get it : 
on the left otaku watching anime with lots of fanservice kawaii things etc ...
on the right vampire taking advantage of the situation 

I haven't write such a long description for some time now :P

thelw na dw poso krataei to pisma sou !!!! -___-
the fourtenth page of princess nightmare
Getting back to my traditional art, I decided to do an angel sketch from life. I like it, except for the face that is a little unproportionate and too young...
well this is my submission for the EnterVOID battle i was doin a while ago. a shame that it never saw the light of the internets.
page 2
Dustin C.
Pg 12 from Chapter 6 of AOY =D.
Fanartgasm! A crossover I'd both love and hate to see.

My favorite dudes, Irvine, L, Beelzebumon, and Bakura. <3

Drawn in biro. On my art binder. :| Why are all the good drawings on the least convenient of 'paper's?