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Quiz time !!!
What do you think is going to happen next?
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noname Quiz time !!! What do you think is going to happen next?
Zeph 2005-10-06 17:54:55 Timmy there was getting bad grades in arithmetic so he got a beatin' from some his sister! bad timmy! do better!
Misato 2005-10-07 10:39:07 He is going to explode!!! No eggs... no sister... nothing... only death. (what???? no eggs??? what will we eat???????) CUT! (think....)
noname 2005-10-07 10:44:28 Misato if i say that this is the correct ... someone may tell that the quiz was set ... but you are right ...
SAM 2005-10-08 06:28:55 he is going to eat his eggs and shuts up ^^ girl power !!!! hahah
Misato 2005-10-15 15:50:04 ^^
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Rico (the guy on the right) somehow has this effect on women.. it's pretty scary really. ^^
character from my manga
I think ninja sums her up. I used a tutorial book (as i do with all my work at the moment) to do this one and i coloured it in Adobe Photoshop CS3
Another random doodle dump XD
Medussa, i like the stone girl best, but it looks better in reality. sorry about the blurieness, couldnt be helped. done in ink and pencil crayon
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this is a drawing i drew without an example. i've managed to learn to draw DB very much like the real drawings of DB. first with examples and later without them and now i can draw the characters just out of hand (my english is not very good, my appoligies)
I love to draw eyes :)
recently, SquareEnix had a contest where you could redesign their characters giving them a different job class that wasnt in the game "Final Fantasy X-2" so, being pretty enthusiastic about it i came up with these 2 designs, the foreground one is the geomancer yuna and the one in the back is the calculator/schoolgirl yuna. lets just see how hard the people at square laugh when they see the return address ;)
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Quite a funny picture of a couple watching a scary film :)

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Part of a painting i have to do for my class. Quick sketch of what it should look like.
EDIT - Worked on it some more.. and I forgot to "proof colours to Monitor RBG!!"
Critiques/comments welcomed!
I think the orange still makes him look slightly like a monk?