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handle with care, she's shy(later on i'll add shades and redo the lines)
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wrath handle with care, she's shy(later on i'll add shades and redo the lines)
AIKUZA 2005-10-06 13:10:45 good sketch, but no hands behind back no more :). dont be afraid to draw them. or dont be lazy. hehe. I know it dude! or im wrong cause she's shy. shyperuppercut!
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Random art
Hi, ^-^, I drew this for my classmate, hope you like it :p ^^
fantransformer. its teh snakeyes. transforms into teh sports car. snakeyes (c) emerson tung.
Well, this is my first drawing ever of Ryoko. I didn't want to edit this one, so I just kept it the way it was scanned. (As you can see I've used this pic for my avatar) I've drawn her because of all the emotion that she holds... I just felt down and I drew this.
Here is one of my character that I drew. I hope you all like it. And plz leave me some comment about my problem with my art
Vail and Her Lady Uya. The first line art printed to cell paper that I had produced.
o_o  I uploaded this, but then accidentally deleted it (*hits self*) >_>;;  Anyhoo, tis Nadil from Dragon Knights...blah, better descrip at
i saw the naruto/sasuke pic on the internet and decided to add gaara and sai
I am new to this community and am desperately hoping for constructive criticism, but be gentle :p. Thank you
My main caracter from botom view loking up at him. 

Note: This is my first atempt at up view of my caracters.
Really quick sketch..tere's something about it what i like but i dont know what exactly xD

cmmnt plz ^^
this is pretty old. about 2-3 yrs.
<b>IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN THE STORY, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT WITH AT LEAST A SMILEY FACE ON IT, SO I CAN TRACK HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE FOLLOWING IT. THANKS. :D :D :D</b><p> Here it is. Hope you enjoy. :D I'm not to proud of this particular page, but such is as it is.Yes. =3 Critiques and comments welcome, as always. <p><p>Page SEVENTEEN of the story.
Lol, this was just a random thought that came into my head... that I thought I might share with my fellow mangworkshopers..... ^_^
Just a witch