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handle with care, she's shy(later on i'll add shades and redo the lines)
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wrath handle with care, she's shy(later on i'll add shades and redo the lines)
AIKUZA 2005-10-06 13:10:45 good sketch, but no hands behind back no more :). dont be afraid to draw them. or dont be lazy. hehe. I know it dude! or im wrong cause she's shy. shyperuppercut!
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in captivity
Sketch of my cyber-babe sherrif. Is it big enough?
Geisha rocking out on a biwa :P
this is just a bit of what i've been doing for the tv station that hired me... i post it cuz i haven't been able to do anything else and i felt like it was time to upload something :D --- 2
EHH... what do you think?
heya people. i drew this the other day in class and thought it would be fun sharing it :) critisism is always welcome so check it out and bash it as hard as you can ^^
wanted to make something random, i like the head however i think the rest is wacksause cause i just slapped it on without thought :(, hope you guys like it, well at least the head part...
the second and final page for my entry to
given that this and the other page i did are my first attempts atCG painting, i think they came out pretty good. ^_^
enjoy it!
Dustin C.
whew. it has been a long time. what can i say, i was lazy!
now the next page of DRAW!, it's a double-page layout this time!
Dustin C.
worked bout 5 hours on this one, im new here so check me out ;)
I think I did something wrong.
I based the character on anime characters like sunako from wallflower. This drawing was pretty much the result of my experimentation using manga studio :D
I know his head is WAY to big, but I like it. Have fun :D