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I made this mini-comic for my (ex)boyfriend, we broke up 2 weeks ago though. I decided to upload this one anyway, because I think it's a pretty funny little comic (though the quality is low since I had to resize it XD)^_^
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ukkie I made this mini-comic for my (ex)boyfriend, we broke up 2 weeks ago though. I decided to upload this one anyway, because I think it's a pretty funny little comic (though the quality is low since I had to resize it XD)^_^
NikA 2005-10-06 10:24:54 XD this is the sweetest thing i have seen in a LOOOONG time ^-^ The hugable one is too funny ^-^. Bailey's <3 that deserves more than one kiss .... Very nice! ^-^
ukkie 2005-10-06 12:03:08 thanks for your sweet comments! ^_^ @Nika: yes, baileys is my favourite drink ^_^
AIKUZA 2005-10-06 13:13:49 the pic with the lips is the coolest ^^, nice comic. You should work on your layout though. and less contrast in the art would be nicer ^^;;
Mactire 2005-10-06 14:58:33 Haha, kawaii! Looks like he has ha rad time around you ^_~' Tip: If you want to add a little bit extra to the manga try to make the panels more dinamic instead of square. But besides that its nice (and don't be to hard on your BF ^_^)
gothqueen 2005-10-14 10:39:31 This is sooo cool and cute! You style seems different somehow, I like it a lot! Very funny!
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Random art
A character I had in mind... but did no more than this pic though >>;
and this is the bonus track of the night XD. Call it a doddle.
She haunts the corridors of the terminal wing at the hospital she died in.

She can't be in peace cause she is not done with her last missions on earth.

She remains n the hospital to appear to the gravely ill and comforts their last day's on earth.

((she remains vage cause she is a spirit^^ don on purpose))

I hope you like it!!

finally after a long time my dad bought a new scanner n_n. so from now on you guys will see more art from me n_n.
This one was made when i was on vacation and i was i tried to remember some gaia online items and started to draw a gaia character. I hope you like it!
I really need to learn to colour..any good suggestion?

so i redid this picture, you can find the other version on this site as well. both have they're good and bad points, maybe i should redo it again and make a hybrid? we'll see.... done with ink and pencilcrayon. the idea behind this picture is that the girl is killing all the monsters under the bed.
>< Ahhh my account got deleted...
This pic is the city of Pichino (based off my fav HKTVSs)
And the stamp thingy I got from China :D (which was edited on photoshop)
A little preview
It's a present for a friend of mine, she likes totoro and doraemon :)
Yay, i thought of dropping by here again and post something for a change xD.Hi Mangaworkshop ... So here is what i have been doing artistically speaking. I still enjoy doing very "static" poses and some lights effects... Well, i have been trying to practice male anatomy and backgrounds hard, i made some improvements but i still need to use reference for the background, i cant create stuff, im dried of ideas xDDDD i made anbu kakashi fanart =3 (sexyness).
I still have problems adjusting brightness and contrast in my screen, when i calibrate it according to sites on internet EVERYTHING (made by me or pro artists) looks too dull =/ and if i color according to that calibration, on a more "normal" screen looks like hell dark and shiny with  saturated colors >=( . It shouldnt be a big problem but i get comments about the image being "too dark" or "too bright" .... *sigh*. And if i print the image everything looks waaaaay too plain xD

Oh yeah, his right leg is too long, or short, depending on how you like porportions i guess xD.

As always comments and critics are welcome
me hungry. feed me.

Aerrow from Storm Hawks and 'Preax' Teqra makin kissies while Cyclonia burns heart shaped smoke clouds in the distant background.

Awwwrrr... <3
<b>IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN THE STORY, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT WITH AT LEAST A SMILEY FACE ON IT, SO I CAN TRACK HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE FOLLOWING IT. THANKS. :D :D :D</b><p>Hope you all enjoy. :D I know, I know, I'll pull the 'camera' out and have more wide-pan shots again. @.@ I'd once more like to state that I'm still learning. :D Yes.

I hate this page because of the text. I planned it poorly and didn't leave sufficient room for the speech bubbles. For that, I apologize profusely and will make sure to pay attention to that in future.^^;Critiques and comments welcome, as always. <p><p>Page SIXTEEN of the story.