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i'm so freakin lazy... just dropping a sketch, enjoy... if you dare :7
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Killer-Kun i'm so freakin lazy... just dropping a sketch, enjoy... if you dare :7
TheDarkHell 2005-10-06 01:53:36 i've your lazy .. then i am like ... dead or something -_____-. anyways nice stuff your improving ^^
ukkie 2005-10-06 07:24:22 her forehead seems kinda big and her left (from our POV) hand is too big compared to the other. So far my critics ^_^ the coloring and the concept are great as usual ^_^
AIKUZA 2005-10-06 13:07:49 dude, you're improving alot since you joined. dont let loose of that magic, or you'll regret it ^^
Kaizu 2005-10-07 04:43:52 Yea agree with Aik, keep it up
BlackCat 2005-11-15 04:37:44 wow, love the pose!! nice colors too ^_^ (i need to get over this gray and brown obsession..)
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Ozzy Rude, Mayor of Zan, Norhtern Enef.
... A nice picture ^_^
I dont think description is needed,anyway this is my first drawing I uploaded here so I hope you like it : ) and if you have any suggestions let me know(I just started drawing recently and i would like to improve as much as possible)
Manga Art
A mortal awaiting her doom her final last hours on the planet have come!! she now goes to what lies beyond our grasp! hehehehe enjoy xxx to all my fans >_<
It's me .... again, with more doodles XD
FURRYTIME! rrrrrrrrrr Furry :3
Right. A bit late, partly due to the fact that this bugger ATE my tablet, had to switch it with a new one. Anyway, first serious tablet work :) Instead of bell's 'n lights 'n stuff, this years xmas is all about hot chololat-milk, snowy weather and sharing it with people you care and love. It's also a painfull reminder that I can't do eyes that well -_- The guy freaks me out at times...<br><br><center>Merry Christmas and a good Newyear! Don't blow any'o them fingers off, you might need 'm later ;)<br><br>Marius</center>
I feel very pleased using a new style to draw with *^^* after drawing a few with reference, I decided to do some testing without using reference.
quick sketch of a schoolgirl 
Original work by ShiroSora PenName/Artist Shiroi non digital work...:3
Watercolor painting
Thise are the caracters from my "Magicstone" story. The Girl Luna is whery Sad. The boy Chris feels sorry for her and give hear a hug.
Heya, decided to upload something, just to let you know i didn't die yet XD.

ITs actually my first real tablet artwork. Its also notn finished but i dont wnt to work on it anymore. Enjoy and byebye ^^