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i'm so freakin lazy... just dropping a sketch, enjoy... if you dare :7
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Killer-Kun i'm so freakin lazy... just dropping a sketch, enjoy... if you dare :7
TheDarkHell 2005-10-06 01:53:36 i've your lazy .. then i am like ... dead or something -_____-. anyways nice stuff your improving ^^
ukkie 2005-10-06 07:24:22 her forehead seems kinda big and her left (from our POV) hand is too big compared to the other. So far my critics ^_^ the coloring and the concept are great as usual ^_^
AIKUZA 2005-10-06 13:07:49 dude, you're improving alot since you joined. dont let loose of that magic, or you'll regret it ^^
Kaizu 2005-10-07 04:43:52 Yea agree with Aik, keep it up
BlackCat 2005-11-15 04:37:44 wow, love the pose!! nice colors too ^_^ (i need to get over this gray and brown obsession..)
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Random art
because you don't. anybody here listen to a perfect circle? trying to express how much pain is involved when your heart is really broken...i'm sad...
This is a very old drawing of mine. I colered it to make even better than the scetch version.
It's been a while, but I hope
you'll enjoy this new comic.
Sadly I had to cut it in two though.
It's also a bit experimental, so
I'll look forward to your comments
on it.
pendako warrior sketch ^^ just for fun...
Def Character
Well..this is me xD (kinda lol drawed by lokking  in a mirror) and yes my hair is that pointy =P
yes i know, more kirin armor.... but i love kirin armor :(
I was bored, and I found this really old drawing. So I decided to color it....and so I did ^_^
>>hehee...i'm back!!!..
fluttering in air
This was a gift for a person on Deviantart, I'm not going to explain here, but okay. It took me quite a while to finish it, just because my computer is very slow. It's a good thing I'll have a new one in a few weeks, or a new one.. It's used, but it will probably be a lot more quick then this. Anything can be.
Hope you like it (and I know , like, the hands don't really fit together, one tiny, one huge..) But okay. I have this feeling I won't be uploading any color drawings very soon, because school is starting again next week and it will be my last year. I think it will be pretty busy.
so i redid this picture, you can find the other version on this site as well. both have they're good and bad points, maybe i should redo it again and make a hybrid? we'll see.... done with ink and pencilcrayon. the idea behind this picture is that the girl is killing all the monsters under the bed.
just a quick sketch by me acid still alive and kickin
was drawing this and got lazy towards the end. ill finish and color it cause i like it so far... im sure you guys are sick of seeing this character by now but shes easy anatomy practice cause of the skin tight suit