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konnichiwa minnasan, hisashiburi da ne ^^
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Shinfate konnichiwa minnasan, hisashiburi da ne ^^" ( for the ones who don't understand: hey guys, it's been a while huh) anyways, I was trying something new ( at least that's what I thought :3 it's a picture of a girl, kind of ecchie. I hope it looks good, cause I haven't done anything on the computer for a long time, so *hehe* crits and comments is always welcome
Shinfate 2005-10-01 04:53:31 that's because I blurred it ^^" I wanted to look dreamy :3
NikA 2005-10-01 06:15:15 the blurry color is ok , it is dreamy, but the outline is too harsh now. Try coloring in a light brown ^-^.
Kheine 2005-10-01 14:29:15 Haha dude! Hentai shit eh? This is freaking cool :D
Mactire 2005-10-01 16:32:32 XD~ ...panties! ^_~ Nice work, only a few comments though. Her head seems a bit small and the proportions are a bit off. Her bottoms for example, the upper one is sticking out to much. And her torso looks to big. You should alter eighter her back or belly. Besides that it's good work, keep it up ^^
Nagashiwa 2005-10-02 02:43:50 This one is your best^-^
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Random art
i havent uploaded anything in a while... nor had anything to upload :(
I had to draw sis showed the book to me and i read it til I got to the point of reading 9 volumes but this part was...well i just had to draw it
meh, another character sketch for my comic.  This be Evan.  Huzzah.  I need to remember to try that mirror trick before I ink, because his neck/head looks very weird reversed, but I didn't realize that until it was too late to fix it >_> *SIGH*

i've worked up the nerve to begin another project... i'm ready to pour my heart out now.

these are just some starting sketches~~
i actually just bought a scanner today*Î 
maybe i'll be able to upload a little more*^^*

I've been strongly influenced by Samura Hiroaki recently after reading his Ohikkoshi i‚¨‚ЂÁ‚±‚µj* he's reminded me why i put the pen down on the paper in the first place*
Ok, here's the finished version. I fixed the face proportion problem. I'd liked to have done more with the background, but I had to send it to this game company today. Anyway, what do you guys think?
modeled after my kitty whom i named pippen :)
Here's another angel guy for all of you. I wanted to play around with value. Strangely enough this picture was inspired by a flock of cowbirds(egrets)flying over head while I was walking in my pasture. The blareing of rock music in my ears while watching the sky will inspire anything in me ^_^!
how are you guys? it's been so long* I hope all of you are well* this is a piece i made for my beau...who i can't see until June~~’´Žâ‚µ‚¢‚¾EEE–l‚Ì‹ó‚Í‚¢‚‚à‰J‚ª`ì‚Ý‚½‚¢‚ñ‚¾EEEso I write this...though grey sky smears the upward canvas~~i still have sunlight* and I wish all of you have sunlight as well...not just tomorrow, but every moment you can* one day is so insignificant~ let him or her know what they mean to you everyday.  You don't need a liberal media faceted gimmick to tell someone you love them* take care everyone* and sorry for the crappy picture*
It's an older sketch but since I had nothing to do I uploaded it anyway... please comment^^
the second page of princess nightmare
check, comment, and critic!!!!
THis is an actual person from a band that formed a couple of months ago, they're not famous yet. 
band's called  Trinity Ghost
the guy says something in the line of: hey i should actualy do this,or go there,whatever.
and the girl says something like,blablabla what ever come one:)
anyway,i wanted to draw something more in the "romantic" kind of scene.
old art time.  I found it and decided to upload it cause I don't have anything else lol.