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noname ^^
Misato 2005-10-07 09:58:31 Nice and clean image. But her mouth. I think, is too big... ;)
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Random art
Page 3 of a few pages long comic I'm making.Still a sketch and text will be added after I lined it.
a drawing for my friend. I'm working on a background.. any suggestions???
Did you know vampire's don't have a reflection?  
the movie von helsing gave me this idea ^^ 
also didnt give him a shadow 
the mirror frame was gold at first... but didnt rly fit in so made it silver
pendako warrior sketch ^^ just for fun...
Def Character
winged kid
Royal Icing manga, pg 42, availabe online and in print on and
pencil colore
Just trying to think up some first pages to start my manga. This is my first concept for a first page, Although I didn't know what I was drawing untill it was done XD No clue what their saying either... I will probably draw more opening pages so that I can pick one I like. Anyway I hope it looks somewhat decent and enjoy?
~Hey MWS^^ I know it's not manga, but this is some crazy shit I drew a couple hours ago with Neo Piko markers. Didn't know I could do this actually ;)...Anyway--->Still in progress!! Lemme know what ye think =)
an old drawing that I found in the dust under a nintendo 64
strange enough the art work to this story is actully, well every form of genra there is.
i was bored at school so i drew this in a half a minute. Tried to colour it with paint shop, but it failed >.<
i know it's not great, but i like it ^.^
Yay, first art here XD

This idea came to me when he said that line in the movie :P but don't get me wrong; I'm still affraid of that guy X3
zodiac pisces