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now you can all se how rude Darkcloud really is... (red is me and dark dude is black)
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Deetris now you can all se how rude Darkcloud really is... (red is me and dark dude is black)
Kheine 2005-09-25 02:04:40 Whaaaaahahhahahaa??!?!?! You posted it? Whaha! Well yeah dudes! Here you can see how DARK i am! Mohahahah!
Deetris 2005-09-25 06:14:38 well noh this is actually my daddys computer :P
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2005-09-27 03:25:38 whahhuhuhihihhehe supurb :D
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Random art
just a random original character. lots of things i'm too lazy to clean up haha
woo vincent from ff7 
i did this all via mouse on ps
i still messing with it to make an avatar ^^ ill upload the the messd with 1 to later 

I'm REALLY PROUD of this one!! IT looks awesome! its for the MWS fighting character contest. again. I just colored the original black & white.
Dustin C.
Manga girl
a woman warrior

Zydrate Robber
Some pic i made just for fun! Doing this one was too fuuun!!! xD  I really like to draw!!! tyihihi
The seductive lolita look makes her look innocent as she will drain the verry blood from your vaines when you fall for her trap!!

xXx to the fans
oee !!!!!!!! i like it aizuka you sure can color   d-^_^-b, well people as you can see thise is the elf from before but its colored by aizuka, ill color it myself some day too if i can find some free time ^^. well hope you like it
Random sketch I did. I was trying to add a realistic style look to the 2D pic I was going from.  Not the greatest but Love the character and really like this pic.
fuck it
This is Yasuke agian! He's the cover of the third chapter! This picture wasn't really all that hard to do I just experimented with different filters and placed a lot of color burn on top of a lot of color dodge and I got this effect for his hair!It's shiny*.*!
Its bin a while since I had done any drawing,but I restarted after maybe a year..Havent totaly lost it:P

These are three versions of one drawing,drawn with a fineliner.