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now you can all se how rude Darkcloud really is... (red is me and dark dude is black)
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Deetris now you can all se how rude Darkcloud really is... (red is me and dark dude is black)
Kheine 2005-09-25 02:04:40 Whaaaaahahhahahaa??!?!?! You posted it? Whaha! Well yeah dudes! Here you can see how DARK i am! Mohahahah!
Deetris 2005-09-25 06:14:38 well noh this is actually my daddys computer :P
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2005-09-27 03:25:38 whahhuhuhihihhehe supurb :D
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Random art
This is the illustration I made for the CIL contest 2005. The topic has been friendship... and I know it's the typical motiv, but since I draw a comic too, I want to draw a light illu for the illustration contest.

Well.. it's for Lysander, since the picture is for her.
Decided to do something different today .... it resulted in this bunny/deformed pikachu/ monster thingie .... I also found out that I'm awful at sewing >.<''
Belated birthday present for Bride. Can't think of any better background, oh well, I still like the design though :D -- Ink: Pilot G-tech, Color: Photoshop 7, Time Spent: 16 hours.
Two friends of me are always talking about Naruto, and they both are sending me pictures of characters, so i saw Sasuke and he looks cute for a anime chara! ^^;; But when i started with the sketch i messed up the clothing cos i didn't print a picture of him.. but i sort of tried to fix it.. ^^;; Never saw an eps. of Naruto though..
girl fluttering wind,
some art I made on paint hehe.
I made this with the mouse
old one made it one yr ago
jump off a breedge... fly toa beech... when i catch a feesh... i putta inna freedge.
well it maby isnt really anime but i still want to show it this is for a game that me and 2 other class mates are going to make it will be a raptor like game only than totaly modeld in 3d max and this will be a enemy aircraft carrier. i know the persepective is of here and there but still injoy ^^
( bad quality once again. but once more im working on it.
the same of the last one
Kept it rather simple, hope ya all dig it.