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now you can all se how rude Darkcloud really is... (red is me and dark dude is black)
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Deetris now you can all se how rude Darkcloud really is... (red is me and dark dude is black)
Kheine 2005-09-25 02:04:40 Whaaaaahahhahahaa??!?!?! You posted it? Whaha! Well yeah dudes! Here you can see how DARK i am! Mohahahah!
Deetris 2005-09-25 06:14:38 well noh this is actually my daddys computer :P
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2005-09-27 03:25:38 whahhuhuhihihhehe supurb :D
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Random art
The honesty that I will grant is that I only like the cup and the straw, on how I drew it, and the whole concept I had for this drawing
Sozo teki
Well I have been gone for quite a while but I will be uploading more frequently now
'nother oc online session, this time with Zaerook, aka phleex. He pretty much did everything but the samus, im still kinda slow in oc.
this sketch was based on Inu-Yasha ... but i did some changes
Title: cold

This was something out of the blue made on an online doodleboard, no idea where it came from though. There's probably a lot wrong with it but still i like it somehow 6^^ brrrr. . .
Def Character
so I didn't get to exactly finish my last drawing, though its well on its way and about done... I just lost my graphic pen when my friend left for school, but I will have access to another one soon. in the meantime, heres a sketch of my friend on her request.
Baby phat Model. I had to design a logo and new out fit for class, so here it is, took my all day.
eehm one of my soul chars hehe
I drawed her in Candidate for godess mode tell me your opinion^^'
Murphy haha.
the first page of princess nightmare
I kinda started from scratch with drawing,I'm trying to make good poses again,simply because i always draw the same shit.
Does anyone know a good site with nice poses from people?

*edit* i chanced the shades a bit.*edit*chanced it for the third time,deleted the background^_^
for my dad`s birthdey b^^d
pencil no jutsu
I put in on here b4 but the quality sucked, well more than the quality now, I hope you like it. it's my version of that movie called when Hary met Sally (or meets)