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Made this a long time ago, but I thought why not show it :P
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Shachi Made this a long time ago, but I thought why not show it :P
Shachi 2005-09-19 22:31:34 oh, now I notice his neck is missing some lines , too late now I guess
Shachi 2005-09-21 09:14:18 Thanks for all the nice replies *
Luna 2005-09-30 17:33:05 his mouth shouldn't show
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soory i wasn't there anymore..i got deleted for not showing up long long time!! well i can help the fact i have a life! but my drawing spirit came back to me finaly and made me draw this for u's my new beloved being saved by me from his old life enjoy
A very optimistic girl =3

~I'm 13 years old =o~
This being the most recent is one of my favorites mainly because of the color
Sozo teki
a soldier standing in a battlefield
I hope you like it..

Why are there so few options on the Topic? :S
Anyway, here is a pic from a little series which features eagles and strange ladies without a mouth...I'm finishing the 3d one at this moment. Hope you like it, since it's not really manga-only ^^'
I've been so busy lately I've had almost no time to draw or post anything so, I decided to post what I have of this peice. I haven't seen fanart of this in quite a while. Some of you on MWS might hate me for bringing it back, but oh well. ^^;; I apologize. He's my favorite character from the popular Naruto series and something tells me he'd never end up in this condition. Like I said, this isn't complete yet. I was gonna have a lot of bodies around him.. but I  figured that would take a while for me to do. Hope you all like what I have so far.
This was a gift for a person on Deviantart, I'm not going to explain here, but okay. It took me quite a while to finish it, just because my computer is very slow. It's a good thing I'll have a new one in a few weeks, or a new one.. It's used, but it will probably be a lot more quick then this. Anything can be.
Hope you like it (and I know , like, the hands don't really fit together, one tiny, one huge..) But okay. I have this feeling I won't be uploading any color drawings very soon, because school is starting again next week and it will be my last year. I think it will be pretty busy.
another character based off of Ah! My Goddess...actually the same girl as before lol
Manga Art
the sixtenth page of princess nightmare
Manga Art
An elf I drew a while ago.
haven't uploaded anything in ages. was browsing thru artworks here and found  twisted lilium's interesting ^^ here's the colored version of her sketch.