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Well, this is one of those things i said someday i would do,
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Killer-Kun Well, this is one of those things i said someday i would do, "follow the process step by step", and i kinda like how it came out. i hope that the resemblance with Lara Croft won't kill me :7 C&C are welcome until the sun comes down...
AIKUZA 2005-09-18 14:11:57 Not bad work dude^^. But the bumps near her polse holding the gun shouldnt be there. And maybe it would've looked cooler if you made her pigtail alot longer so we could see it behind of her. I like the variation in your artworks. keep the creative mind up.
Def Character 2005-09-18 15:49:14 Yup only the bumps on the wrist shouldn't be other then that b^_^d
Killer-Kun 2005-09-18 18:07:36 thanks, i draw the wrist with those bumps cuz my wrist have them (guess i should see a doctor...) :7
NikA 2005-09-19 10:07:43 ohhh very nice! ^-^ i like the way you did her hip/legs join area. It looks very right ^-^ (((you are gonna hate me for this but i ¡¡really!! think you should start doing stronger and more defined shadows))) -_-U <3 BTW, i love the outline, it looks really smooth and soft matching the whole lighting source feeling.
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