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This is the finished product of that character I scannded in earlier, the one with the unfinished arm...
Anyway, his name is Taro. Comments are appreciated.
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Saki This is the finished product of that character I scannded in earlier, the one with the unfinished arm... Anyway, his name is Taro. Comments are appreciated.
Def Character 2005-09-05 01:14:03 LOL I like the expresion on his face... Overall; great work^^
Def Character 2005-09-05 01:15:30 May I have a go at couroing this pic ^^
Def Character 2005-09-05 01:15:54 I meant colouring :P
Def Character 2005-09-06 15:06:26 Saki if you want it coloured just mail me...^^
Saki 2005-09-08 15:01:32 Yes, by all means, DefCharacter, go for it. I can't color to save my life. And the thing about Taro, I've never even tried coloring I sorta don't know what colors to make his if you had any suggestions...
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Random art
so this is an original, my little sister was about 10 when i drew this, and this is what i beleive her spirit would look like!     did this with a non waterproof pen, and water colours... ya figure that one out!
This creature of the night is called: "Sphinx". She rules the powers of the moon, but she's not sailormoon!!!
Uzamaki Naruto fan art. First of mine :P. Sasuke is cool and all, but I like Naruto's personality better. btw, he's sitting on a temple rooftop. I was experimenting with a far lens effect, without using any filters at all. It's all mousedrawn in PhotoShop 7. I like the outcome and colors of the art. I don't mind the background being too plain, the outcome is enough for me ^^
flying dragon bug thing
Yeah, this took quite some time, but got there in the end :D
Okay, so this is supposed to be a character to a manga im trying to draw. He's sort funny and upspirited one....
got bored and made this also my scanner is still broken:( so any way enjoy 
luckly i can draw in flash still ya just got a new art program and it was for free its called "art weaver 4.0"
it sort of like painter but free ya
oh ya hinata from NARUTO
Nightfall from ElfQuest on the right, i didn't plan on drawing her, but it turned out like it. On the left is just a random sketch of a woman. Still sketching around ^^
one of my older work (although this was done barely one year ago). Goauche on pastel paper, I like the tribal skin texture...
all right! my first pic with my new tablet pc! just a random sketch in sketchpadpro and colored with soft charcoal in painter. its a monk! =^*^=
Dustin C.
I would have given this a background, but I did it on some scrap sketchbook paper that already had some other doodles on it. :/ He also had a hand, but it cam out kinda blobby and made the picture look rather ugly. This is the result of me experimenting with some new coloring techniques with my Prismacolors. If you want to critique it, just focus on the coloring. The anatomy is crap, I know. 8D
not much to say. Now bow to me or burn ... =3 ~meowww~ I am still avoiding drawing backgrounds >_> but dont tell anyone. Oh yes, that is a gun <_< but it doesnt look like one ^_^U. i dont usually do complementary colors so i only like the drawing because of that.
A very old piece of artwork