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Sakura dosnt suck anymore, hazaa! done in ink and pencil cryons
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zakuro Sakura dosnt suck anymore, hazaa! done in ink and pencil cryons
Def Character 2005-08-31 02:19:41 So you found your muse eh...^^
NikA 2005-08-31 03:59:48 she still is an idiot .... i wanted her dead from the beginning XD. Nice pic.
Dustin C. 2005-09-01 05:54:00 ~SAKURA-CHAN~ XD
very nice collage, a great concept too. ^^
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made it last year during some lecture. tried to make some loli? hahaha
Wolverine and cyclops..sort of..:)
should have spent a little more time on cyclops..but i didnt.
Watercolor painting
Yami no Yugi 
^-^ pressie for my sis who loves him I hope you enjoy
This is me.

It's ca. 5-7 hour work XD

I hope you like it^^
i really like the consept, but its a really old pic.. i think im gonna redraw it, so hopefully you'll be able to see it soon!    used pencil crayons
i guess i was just sketching around in photoshop and this pooped out of my stylus :D
it was kind of experimenting with opacity and pen effects and stuff also :P
After having read the comments on the original Space girl color version, I decided to do surgery on her ^_^ This is the 'corrected' line art version of Space Girl .. I kinda like it without the color ^_^ I hope you guys agree .. The head may still be a bit too big though ..
Manga Art
Spike :3
hi yuX.... excellent drawing! felt like coloring it... so here it is...hope u don't mind.
getting away from my style and trying something more anime. It's Yugioh...comments and crits?

 It' not where you are or what you're doing, but who you're with . . .
Here's Kei, from my comic "Forever is Not Enough". ^^ He's in Ryu's cave, playing with spherical gems. Ryu is . . . off camera, but he IS the reason Kei is so happy. ^__^ (FYI, Kei is a peasant farm boy, which explains why his outfit is so . . . bleh. ^^;; Ryu has mountains of clothes he could borrow/have, but Kei prefers his own, for some odd reason.)