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NikA ah "NikA did a fan art???" well yes, is more like male anatomy practice .... and yes i am (yet another) a kakashi fangirl =3
Perfect_Sollitude 2005-08-26 09:00:48 Vette shit :P
MatthiusMonkey 2005-08-26 09:35:12 cooool lol it remineds me of aikuzas style ^^
NikA 2005-08-26 17:11:28 ai .. aiku ... aikuza's ? =(
Killer-Kun 2005-08-26 19:54:16 haha, quién lo diria... the outfit it's great...!!
TheDarkHell 2005-08-27 01:40:02 nice art nika and aikuza is also a member of mws ^^
NikA 2005-08-27 04:18:51 i know him. it is just that ... nevermind
NikA 2005-08-27 13:46:05 no, it did not offend me, but if i draw male figure like aikuza is just WAY too different from my female figure .... and thats is not good =/
AIKUZA 2005-08-28 12:33:44 j'amepelle Aikuza and shit. beautifull french I can indeed. whats going on over here? :P. The art looks really cool Nika. Seriously, it reminds me of my sketchy style as well :). But im glad your into drawing male figures for a change. nice work. ehmm yeah....... ^^
zakuro 2005-08-30 19:38:44 kakashi kicks ass!
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Random art
It's a Chibi
Oh man I haven't posted in FOREVER! :D I redesigned my characters a bit so they looked a little more realistic as far as hair color and clothing choices go. The bright and shiny anime stuff just doesn't fit with their setting. So here's Garrett.
A really quick mecha desing. One of the few that I don't think that turned total crap.
yay, more role-playing characters.  Their names, from left to right: Yukiko, Evan, and Cory.  Yay.  I'm actually working on coloring the sketch right now, but it occurred to me that it couldn't hurt to put it up and get some comments before I get too far into the coloring process xD  So, if you see anything that I could change, I've still got the sketch in pencil and it's not too late to fix ^_~  comments and criticism greatly appreciated =^_^=
Rondom sketching. I have been doing that a lot more then actual drawings. *sigh*
Def Character
hey all. This is Asuka Takado, yet another character from my story. She's so confident that even if the world has lost its colors, she'll still have hers. xD (yeah,  lame concept for a pic, i know O_O)
anyway, critics please thanks :D
mp3 juice
hey ppl long time no type 
my pc was broke now its eerm not but ive lost evrything :( no more photoshop oh well 
heres a sketch i did of a dragon i think hes quite cute hehe 
Iruka by Masahashi Kishimoto, Naruto
I put some color on this
amazing kakashi drawing
This is "Butterfly" Kazahana who just killed Syuuhei Kazahana, heir to the Kazahana family.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!^.^
Just an good ol drawing revived to life after i cleared the dust and gave it a bit of colour.