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First page of me manga
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mantoro021 First page of me manga
Zeph 2005-08-25 21:46:26 not bad..sort of empty...but a good picture
Def Character 2005-08-26 00:17:55 I love the face but the boobs are to big in my taste..^^
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Random art
getting back into the swing of things.  Haven't been drawing anything cool for quite some time.  Here ya go!
Manga Art
hehe, pretty much my freshman year of college
And another one^^
Gonna colour this one anytime soon
This is a little warrior i made long time ago hope u like it.....(coments & critics R welcome)
The reason I drew this is because while I've been playing Ragnarok Online, I've seen lot's of guys playing as girl characters. So I made this character who's named Scarf (the guy in the front). He plays as a girl Priest character and he fell in love with her. Since she isn't real, he decided to dress up as a girl so he could be more like her. He's wearing a Deviruchi hat, and even though regular Deviruchi hats are black this one is red because I didn't have any black pastels.

I drew it with a mechanical pencil, used pastels for coloring and then scanned it in and edited it some more on Photoshop. I'm not really sure what category this would fit into, so I put it into this one. >o<
I just copie a picuter from naruto :p
Zenith :D
I made him because of Astronomy class... we were doing vocabulary, and the word "Zenith" had a nice sound to me... soooo I made this charater ^^ rofl.
The No Name Series
this is another drawing i used a tutorial then changed it and made my own character.
hi everyone, it's been a long time (again) ^-^;;;; So i drew this, yes its my avatar at gaia. Not much to say, nothing extraordinary about it. What i like: her hands, for once i like them!!! that's it ***openCanvas - wacom - 4hs. - 3 cups of coffee***
I made it scanned it and created it mwah hahahaha

 Finally a finished colored piece from me. I am not too thrilled about the perspective but this is about the best I can do. :/