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Just practicing a little of background and perspective (actually i have been practicing them a lot) YAY finally a bit of improvement ^-^ C&C welcome =3 note: the background looks weird on purpose. ok, may be too weird X_X
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NikA Just practicing a little of background and perspective (actually i have been practicing them a lot) YAY finally a bit of improvement ^-^ C&C welcome =3 note: the background looks weird on purpose. ok, may be too weird X_X
Killer-Kun 2005-08-20 12:06:28 Looks really good Nika...!! love the perspective and colours
NikA 2005-08-20 12:21:30 thanks, Althought i know i should pay more attention to details for the background (like windows frame) and i also realized than the outline is too thick
TheDarkHell 2005-08-20 12:28:52 nice stuff and a good hip this time ^^
Remi 2005-08-20 15:18:42 Is this what your city looks like..?
NikA 2005-08-20 15:57:06 Thedarkhell: THIS TIME???¡¡ ¬_¬ my girls always have sassy hips Y_Y .... Remi: kinda; sky is a much deeper blue on summer, darker/older/dirty walls, there are trees every 3 meters on the sidewalk, street trashcans are orange and black ... among other things. But yes, it is highly based on Capital Federal city. I always wanted to draw it, but it ends up looking like an apocaliptic city XD may be because it is how i see it XD
Remi 2005-08-20 16:12:36 Nothing wrong with apocalyptic, I always liked things like you see in Mad Max. Anyway, it's a cool background, I see enough details to keep me interested and who knew you were one to write down your tag on a public trashcan.
Perfect_Sollitude 2005-08-21 09:43:07 Whoa, good job^^
Nightwind 2005-08-21 12:24:51 nice and indeed as always!! my little sister likes it too!!!
Def Character 2005-08-21 13:54:32 Seeing drawings like this makes me wish i could draw like Nika ^^
NikA 2005-08-21 15:12:01 thank everyone <3
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this is my favorite character from d.o.a fighting game its an early drawing so please feep that in mind^-^
Well, having been sick for quite a while, I pulled out my .hack DVDs (all 2 of them *sniffle*)  and the entire time I'm fairly sure I was lying on the couch thinking to myself "Wow, Subaru is so pretty~"  So, naturally, I had to comee sketchy sketch a pic of her <3
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I know, I know, it's terrible, it's on lined paper. Sorry! -_-' But I wanted to upload something, and I actually quite like this one. They could be brother and sister, or they could secretly like each other, or they could secretly hate each just depends on what you see in it, and that's why I like this one ^_^ Drew this during class btw.
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