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Wind... just practicing... Crits please...
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Killer-Kun Wind... just practicing... Crits please...
Killer-Kun 2005-08-18 18:45:37 awrite
NikA 2005-08-19 05:53:52 ok, let see .... THATS AN AMAZING HAIR! ... as for the wind effect is well done =3 .--- Correct me if i am wrong: if her left shoulder is visible and is windy the hair should wave and make her another shoulder a little visible, at first i though that was her breast ^_^U. -- BTW, How bright is your monitor?? do your eyes hurt at night?.
Killer-Kun 2005-08-20 09:43:45 oh, that's right, i had the lines for the right shoulder but in the middle of all that hair i lost them i guess... my screen is "brightness: 100%", do my drawings seem too dark...?? (if that's the problem i'll fix that on next artworks:P)
NikA 2005-08-20 12:56:45 well, since i spend a lot of time in front of the computer i use low brightness ... but it is a normal brightness. In this picture the whole background is black for me ... pure black
Killer-Kun 2005-09-05 16:30:10 s:P)
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