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Hopefully you can recognize her

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noname Hopefully you can recognize her ^^
TheDarkHell 2005-08-18 14:57:26 the face looks nice but her arm is way to skinny :|
noname 2005-08-18 15:15:15 I was trying to fix some details surrounding her arm … erasing … erasing … and I did not noticed that the arm became that skinny … damn !
Def Character 2005-08-19 00:36:24 Thats indeed a very skiny arm with a small hand ^^
CynikSama 2005-08-19 05:36:23 From record lodoss war ?! agree with other above .. nice folds work
noname 2005-08-19 06:59:59 "From record lodoss war ?!" ... yes !
Misato 2005-08-23 06:53:27 Don't care about her arm... The hole pict is awesome! nice work :P
noname 2005-08-23 11:08:52 Noooooooooo !! she is pirotess/pyrotess
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here is something I made for Ukkie. She made a boy in a cat suit and that gave me the idea to make HER in a cat suit XP I hope she likes it though
heres my new character shes fisty and bubbley :3 i thought i will go for a playfull and cute pose please let me know wat u think of her^-^(i know the floor and drawers are bad but i just wanted to finish it=^-^=

im working on this one right now. something is wrong though.
some embarrased guy what do you think of it
this is my skater gurl outfit that im working on. you cant see the feet but there no done yet. i cant make up my mind on van looking shoes or fancy slippers.
drew alot in class today... well alice, alice and alice :)
(UPDATED) STREETFIGHTER CAMMY! Better than my last one ^^;;. Man it's late. I just couldnt stop working on this art. Personally I think it's one of my best arts till now ^^. Done in 2 days. Lineart with TABLET, colouring with PhotoShop CS. NO REFERENCE (i hate reference), just made it up. I really went nitpicking on this art, and I tried to correct any flaw. Especially with this perspective, its hard to do. Drop some lines my mangapeeps
looks amazing cant believe i did this with a mouse ... on paint not kidding also i know my fist upload sucks i am going to red do him
This is Yasuke and Yina! They're brother and sister so don't worry she's not his girlfriend ^_*! The whole story behind these two is rather complicated and is part of the reason way Tetsu and the rest of the demon hotties are still in the human realm ^_^!(If any of you are wondering I do all my coloring and text stuff on Photoshop. I'am becoming quite the little master with that program!)
Fanart of Samurai Deeper Kyo's Izumo No Okuni. I've been working on this every now and then for about a month now. It feels good to get back to at least a little bit of anime. Comments?
old art
I'm busy roudning up my uncompleted piccies^_^ I did this one before the summer vacation. The first "real" pic of her, the other three were oekakies. (I rushed this pic a bit >_<)
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