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Killer-Kun 2005-08-18 14:39:24 is he largo from Megatokyo...???
noname 2005-08-18 14:50:42 largo ? no ...I have never heard of him ...I did not knew he looks like any well known character ...
Zeph 2005-08-18 19:15:02 omg he looks EXCATLY like i wanted my main character in my manga to look like but i could never draw him! Awesome pose. Love the hair. Love the clothes and hair! Love the picture!!!!
Misato 2005-08-23 06:57:23 The total excelence! I agree with Zephio. Most of all I love the sketchy lines that you did. That makes it very atmospheric...
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Random art
Another old art remasterd and edited to look better than it did before.

The nuthouse!! thats where people go who see things who are not there!!

She is imagening all this...or is she?..MUAHAHAHAHAHAA
My elf draft what do you think
a practice piece I consider done. I learned a bit more about coloring while doing this. 

I also learned the obvious ; I should probably work more on body proportions and perspective. I might do that.. if I'm motivated enough ;) C&C  are always welcome.
page 3
A Picture of my character eclypse looking at her younger self.
Zodiac Scorpio 

2nd zodiac scorpio 
Water sign, black magican, desert, night, dead. I think everthing is clear here. At least I hope so
WARNING: Shounen-ai. I'm not saying who this is supposed to be, because people aren't comfortable with this pairing. I am very proud of this drawing though, because I've finally managed to draw a face from the side without making it look weird, put more than one person in one frame with them actually interracting and not just standing next to each other, looking into the distance and (most important) I've finally finished coloring a drawing!!! (I like their shirts) So what do you think?

ive been trying diff. styles. but i alwayz love drawing clothes.
pendako warrior sketch ^^ just for fun...
Def Character
I hope you like the color

someone ask me to collor it.. and I hope you like it too
Its ulqiora from Bleach.I painted in to my brothers room :)
Lee Henrik
This is my cameleon, I made it just jet
this is my first drawing of a cello