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Very old picture but I like it I know the arm is too short  and the foot is weird ^^ tell me what you think *smile*
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Nightwind Very old picture but I like it I know the arm is too short and the foot is weird ^^ tell me what you think *smile*
Def Character 2005-08-16 14:29:41 Just keep 'm coming ^^ The eyes are a bit big and it helps if you sketch/imagine the whole body first before adding clothes and sorts so one can correspond the folds and position of the feet
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Random art
My Super hero!!Its Isamu from my far from finishd comic:)
Hola!! Tanto tiempo sin vernos MWS!!
So yea, after i finish the orginal drawing, the guildmates took the picture ink it, and colour it. Afterwards, we all work together to make the changes, add in the text and other things. the credit goes mostly to the guildmates that work together to get the final result.
My crappy and cheap business card... please comment.
Analin no Denkou - CG: Paint Shop Pro - I changed her overall 'width' in this final, so she's less 'wide' than the lineart version. I thought it looked a bit better - dec 2001
Finally finished. And it actually has a background
Gaia chibi art contest. My first piccy here? Not really. I have older art under the username "chiku" ;D
this is a fanart of the movie *the Ring*
Just a random sketch i made :P
heres the how i created my latest art ^-^ its my gothic maid in a more cheerful mood
<b>Goose Chase - Section C</b><br/><br/>This is but 1 small section of a bigger picture I am planning to draw and colour ^^;<br/><br/>I you enjoy looking at this picture as much as me =)
well this year at school u could 
chose to also get a little bid of game design. so now we have to make our own webgame .. but i always like to make some work of it .. so im making art for it :3.. here is the one u will be playing
a picture to my samich...a long time ago...3 years old
This is an animation that actually burnt into my retna one day. A flying fiery bird.
Critiquing welcome