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Marius "Twinkle twinkle little star..." Anyway, long overdue I present: a work in progress. As you can see I still have to do quite a bit (everything on the right) but I wanted to be sure about the lighting. Also, the star he's "holding". Kinda ran into a dead end there and I dun't know what else to do with it ||_|| So: suggestions? Errors? Mistakes? desperately needing critiques!
MatthiusMonkey 2005-08-12 15:47:09 cool i dont see any errors ^^b
Def Character 2005-08-13 01:45:15 Well I totaly love it Me wants to see more b^_^d... OH and the green mountain/asteroid could use some depth shading^^
Marius 2005-08-13 04:20:55 yeah the big hand goes with the style :) And def, read the description man! :P I'm going to redo the moon, and the rest I still have to start on. Any tips or suggestions for the star he's holding? Looks kinda plain to me :(
Kheine 2005-08-13 06:28:01 DAMN the color are tooootalyyyy proo....freaking proooo
ukkie 2005-08-13 08:26:02 maybe make the star a little shinier, but it looks fine now I think, the plain style fits your drawing I think ^_^
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Random art
Oh, just practicing. I wanted to get better on male proportions and I love muscles!
W00t!!1!1 My first real oekaki! ^^ My original character Tachi Kawa for this one, so tell me what you think!
Dustin C.
Another page from Adventures of Yaz
New cover for my comic BLUEPRiNT
Generally about street + highway racing in Toronto, Canada. I'll add more to the description later, and this is the rough, uncoloured cover as you can tell. hope people like this!!
Just started learning blender in school. finally after many hours of work on this, it is finally completed =D too bad this is the best i can only do with my current ability >_<
Done for my friend... His dream is to be a rock star :)
Manga Art
A friend asked me to draw Uezurii and Li play fighting last night, but this is all I could come up with. I know the heads are big and the anatomy suck, but I just messed around and played with it. It's just something simple XD Sketched this all on MSN, ah well
my friend wanted me to work his drawing out. so I did. this is....nameless....
...this is some of my old works, but suitable for introducing myslef (I hope at least)
Bookmarks!! This one is from Sailor Moon too! ^^ Colored: Photoshop 5.5 (yeah I know very old -.-') But that was 6 months ago XD I found a image of this, so I drew it X3
Wake Up The Dead -  CG: Paint Shop Pro - EGL/Gothy type girl in front of an old english cemetary. The background is originally a pic from a site about victorian London with some filters applied to it. The quote is from Divergence Eve and the kana reads "Necromancer". It lacks dynamics, but then again.. what else can you do in a cemetary ;P and the anatomy is far from perfect, but for the rest.. I like how the colouring turned out and am quite happy with it - July 2004
just a faery colored with photoshop. please comment!!!