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Its my first manga sketch, i hope its good.
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Rjmanga Its my first manga sketch, i hope its good.
Rjmanga 2005-08-08 04:19:16 pardon but ehm whats a liger??
Def Character 2005-08-10 13:06:39 Liger ????
Zeph 2005-09-16 20:13:47 i arms should be a bit longer...but he does look happy!
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Random art
soo dark hell and myself are working on this....manga. and here is my char! doesn't have a name yet,though
Current artwork, soon done... just need to add another million shades -laughs-
U freezed up on me for the last time damned !! >:(  .......  kekekek well yesterday me and photoshop had some issues xD .. made totaly in photoshop tho XD
woo vincent from ff7 
i did this all via mouse on ps
i still messing with it to make an avatar ^^ ill upload the the messd with 1 to later 
I could have right a long description about this one ...
but I am bored so here is the usual one : "..."
hi im new here names adam 
this is a sketch i did ^^
Small piece I did for new years; nothing big...
Hmm... Spent way WAY too much time (off and on for 2 weeks now, atleast over 12 hours) on this... I'm kinda happy with it... don't like the head though... Anyhow, CC ^^
Hinoke is the Goddess of fire in the same rp that Elder Kita is from.
This was just supposed to a sketch of Ellie then I decide,Ah, why not I'll color her! I just hate it when I draw an outfit and afterwards all I can think of is "Dang it! I want that outfit!">.<!
I was just bored one night...and doodled this...and it turned out great!
Colored version of the elf close up drawing I have in the sketch section, I think it looks like..234768 times better, so lets hope you guys like it ^__^UUU
The Raging Spaniard
im tryin to get better in painting boys! ^^ bishie <3 
i like his ice cold eyes :p 
srry for the bad quality.. thats thx to my laptop -.-'
Like I said, here's the other rikku :)