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FinalMajin 2005-08-05 08:01:57 I love her face, her eyes! But i think the proportions of the rest of her body could be better. Her legs are too fat and they might be too short too.
Tommy 2005-08-09 18:31:08 The hands and feet are too small but other than that great job
Misato 2005-08-23 06:49:01 You did great!!! Her face and her skirt are perfectly disigned. only her legs are a lir' bit fat opposite with her feet. But generally, I adore it! ^^
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Yay i finaly coloured it. Toke me about 5 hours to colour. Crits please...!
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Not sure about the warning, but let's stay on the safe side. Anatomy practise.
 Sorry for the lightness - A bunny girl because easter is coming. :D

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Summoning a demon to do dirty work is mad business. Who else could think up such a scheme but a magician who has (or so, he thinks) the power to control a thing of pure evil?
RE4 fanart:)
dont we all love ashley hehe:)
its not hentai btw:)
There wil be ofcourse,but not this one:)
the second and final page for my entry to
given that this and the other page i did are my first attempts atCG painting, i think they came out pretty good. ^_^
enjoy it!
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Testing my new blue pen. It's kinda cool XD Inked by Blue Sharpie and little bits shading by color pencil.
I put some color on this
my new ID for devart, great site:D
Cute elf-Heidi <3 Practising backgrounds.
I based the character on anime characters like sunako from wallflower. This drawing was pretty much the result of my experimentation using manga studio :D