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FinalMajin 2005-08-05 08:01:57 I love her face, her eyes! But i think the proportions of the rest of her body could be better. Her legs are too fat and they might be too short too.
Tommy 2005-08-09 18:31:08 The hands and feet are too small but other than that great job
Misato 2005-08-23 06:49:01 You did great!!! Her face and her skirt are perfectly disigned. only her legs are a lir' bit fat opposite with her feet. But generally, I adore it! ^^
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Random art
Yet another late night/ early morning sketch TT_TT
line art i plan to color in photoshop 4 my class, i so excited, lol

Germaine belongs to me
this was coloured using GIMP. i didn't do lineart because i wanted it to look dirty.

the story is that she is in a war in the desert... kinda. so i tried to make the picture look as dirty and sandy as i could.
Yay! My first post here :) I drew this traditionally and colored through photoshop. This is also my very first commission for a friend. Comments/suggestions are appreciated :)
This is an old lay-out image for my site.
Another character from the manga  I'm working on.
Leon from Resident Evil 4 throwin his egg
Well this is a summer manga art i realy like the colers but the scaner suks a litle bit.....ohw and i made the baground realy fast so its not so pretty "Good"..
this is one of my religious friend who is so good and so righteous.... but is not that soo perfect... but she is always humble, cheerful and always there to help...
Chobits copyright CLAMP

Dita and Zima; this was a commission.
my favorite character in my favorite manga!
still my some of my drawings, eens sports..
Another Harry Potter fanart. I'm still obsessed, went to see PoA for the second time today ^_^ I'm not a big fan of Draco, not a fan of him at all, but this song inspired me to do this pic. I think it really fits him and his attitude. I wonder what you guys think
pippen again. newer tho