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Aetza ><
Def Character 2005-07-26 14:22:23 d^_^b
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2005-07-29 03:13:21 ahhhhhh cute little ;)
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Random art
strange enough the art work to this story is actully, well every form of genra there is.
You may reconize this picture if you watched the chobits anime. This was the outfit that chi wore on the cover of vol 1. of the chobits series. I did my own version after watching it. This was back when I was having a whole lot of problems with hands,feet, and backgrounds. I'am still bad at those things but anyway~^_^!
This is a updated version of my wolf girl character
I just felt like drawing a boat pulling someone on a waterski. I didn't use a refference.C&C please
A sketch i drew of yoruichi, i thought it came out rather nice. Her hands and her right leg needs sum work but other than that it's kool
colored, a bit messy..
a drawing of sisters done in ink... hope you like it. comments much appreciated
Analin no Denkou - CG: Paint Shop Pro - I changed her overall 'width' in this final, so she's less 'wide' than the lineart version. I thought it looked a bit better - dec 2001
try my new tablet, oh I just love it, how could I ever worked without :)
Alex mom asked me if i wanted some cake and this is wat i thought up ^_^ haha

umm basically i did it really yeah ^_^ dont be harsh it took me all of 10 mins >:O
Havent uploaded anything for awhile now. Thinking about coloring it. Comments and critizism please.
originally posted at:

new color scheme and new concept ^_____^
evil lizard card game character card
Right im not particulaly fond of DBZ but this b goku reason for drawing it is quite sad lol hear goes:
my friend at collage sed i didnt like dbz cause i couldent draw like it so i errm proved him rong i think XD heheh YEAH IM CHILDISH SOOOO 
anyhow ja ne i dedicate this to um dbz fans around the world woohoo shame it aint a cool character but meh  sayonara