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A mortal awaiting her doom her final last hours on the planet have come!! she now goes to what lies beyond our grasp! hehehehe enjoy xxx to all my fans >_<
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DARK_angel A mortal awaiting her doom her final last hours on the planet have come!! she now goes to what lies beyond our grasp! hehehehe enjoy xxx to all my fans >_<
gothqueen 2005-07-25 09:54:08 I like the hair, hands and colors, really well doene, but you need to work some more on the skeleton, use a reference
Perfect_Sollitude 2005-07-25 14:42:56 Agree with them. Keep it up^^
Perfect_Sollitude 2005-07-25 17:48:54 oO, and when I saw the thumbnail, I thought it had something to do with Aeris and Sephi ^^
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2005-07-29 03:16:52 O O O
DARK_angel 2005-09-03 08:09:10 thank you for the comments
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Random art
kheine, if you are out would be wonderful to hear your opinion^^
picture to my friend for her birthday...a long time ago...3 years old
Hate the legs >_<
This here media image of a duck was made for a friend's birthday this past week. spent a good couple hours on it, including time spent trying to figure out how to draw ducks. C&C is encouraged
I meant this to be a rough idea for a comic... but it kind of turned out to be a one page short... hopefully I can get myself to create a full comic someday ha ha
This was fun doing ^^
Please comment
I think his head looks a little too big but apart from that I liked how this turned out. I think the colours I picked work well with eachother too. This is just Hyper Kiel with his golden axe. The background took longer than I expected tho as I thought it would due to all the extra details I put into it, but it was all worth it as I had much fun creating the background!

yaay im so happy!!*vomits*
FINALLY! It's all finished, and with the help of simply having other artist friends around me at the time to keep me inspired and going ^_^.<br>

This took WAY too long just because of the fact that work was getting in the way, and I'd usually come home EXHAUSTED and too whipped to touch this again.<br>

But I've reached my limit, stopped nitpicking over it, and am saying its done. It's finished before Onna! fest and just waiting to be taken to Staples to get prints made up.<br

Tammy asked me if I was going to sell the original piece.. and I might, depending on my mood. Just have to see if there are any people interested first ;b.<br>

All traditional media... 3h pencil, Speedball super black india ink and brush, on cardstock mounted on hot press illustration board. Dr. Martin dyes, white ink, gold and white paints, conte crayon, vine charcoal, white pastel, and red charcoal *can't remember what its real name is*. Full size is 8.5 x 11 inches, full bleed.<br>

The wall scroll reads "Welcome" *Ellis is dressed in disguise as a Japanese tea house girl, so yes he is in a Japanese tea house*.<br>

Ellis is MINE. And YES, HE is a GUY in a womans kimono ;b.<br>

page 2
Another page haha =D feel free to check it all outttt.
i was trying to make my character look like she was sprinting and on the way home i noticed it didnt really look right so i kinda lost the will to finish. i figured if i post it up you guys would let me know what went wrong