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snot relly manga but i like it so i put it up its watercolor i put a frame on on photoshop
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MatthiusMonkey snot relly manga but i like it so i put it up its watercolor i put a frame on on photoshop
Perfect_Sollitude 2005-07-22 17:28:20 Nice detail XD
Marius 2005-07-22 19:47:56 reminds me of prince of persia. Earlier versions. Nice ^^
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2005-07-23 03:14:39 cool nice one ;)
Def Character 2005-07-23 13:26:15 It reminds me a bit of spirited away..^^ very good...
MatthiusMonkey 2005-07-31 16:06:14 CANT USE RULERS DUH!
adam 2005-08-20 10:51:10 christ 'septic' got something against positive feedback, i mean if u were a line i cud say the same thing about u...oh nice pic matt, luv the atmosphere ^_^
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I aint posted on here in ages so HELLO EVARYONE !!!
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anyways byebye 
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it's not manga/anime related >.< i tried to draw a realistic eye and i know the shading is very bad T.T