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This is the sketch i did for the nurse i uploaded recently
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mantoro021 This is the sketch i did for the nurse i uploaded recently
1-MM-1 2005-07-15 20:10:31 i would like to give her a shot lol
Def Character 2005-07-16 08:02:12 I don't like megaboobies ...
MatthiusMonkey 2005-07-16 16:15:15 i aggree with def but its a good art ^^ she looks asif she belongs in hentai
mantoro021 2005-07-16 17:12:07 heh heh...yeah i guess she does belong in the hentai department
Nightwind 2005-07-22 12:17:58 sorry the boobs really are too big but for a cool hentai pic she is perfect (that means that she looks really cool....)
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Random art
again another girl i randomly found with a really cute dress..............................................................................................................................
This is a watercolorpainting that is presenting Vegeta in the DB GT series.
Woah...The tumbnail is all-distored an what not. o__o It's not much of an actuall picture, more so a charater design. (I had her basic features down, I just needed an outfit for her... Though, I think that I'm going to just have her change clothes like a normal person does. (I bet the scooby doo cast smells icky. o__O)
last drawing of 2010
Tifa fanart I made on holiday. Her glove might be a bit off. (didn't have an example to look at ^_^)
Snowballstuff, almost winter so be prepared

I drew the right leg way to crooked, sorry bout that
Yeah, it's another gag with Rude-D again. I did a horrible job trying to give him the correct skin colour though, tips on that would be highly appreciated.
Sudden ramdom need to draw a couple of angels. The story behind it is sometimes our innocence can given in too the dark wings that shadow our white ones. We're only human.
Try not to look at her jacket, cuz I totally really screwed that up. It's an old drawing anyway, made it quite some time ago when I was still together with my now ex-girlfriend. This drawing is supposed to express a feeling, but it can be interpreted in many ways. I found it while I was digging through my old HD and thought that it was kinda worth posting here ^^
A half demon, half angel thingie .... might ink & colour it later, might not .... who knows, who cares XD
this is a little doodle i was doing while trying to do some studying.
Just a quickie so I'll have something here. His name is Faust.
A bit of character design. I like the fact that the lineart is pretty neat and I like her 'natural' proportions (not too skinny or too long legs, a normal, voluptuous woman). I don't like her face andthe hair is a bit weird. Tell me what you guys think.
*coughs* Erm, I'm new here ^^; and I'm not that great at drawing >>; so flames and stuff are expected ^^;; At any rate, this is an OC i did for a fic of mine...she's an elf and her name is Lareina. And it was the first time using sparklies >> whee those were fun to make xD