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My 1st oekaki on the MWN test oekaki-board. Nice, keep the board!
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Mactire My 1st oekaki on the MWN test oekaki-board. Nice, keep the board!
gothqueen 2005-07-09 13:09:18 very nice
Def Character 2005-07-09 13:48:37 Very good...
Perfect_Sollitude 2005-07-09 16:12:57 Def (anyone), PLEASE tell me what the definition is of Oekaki -_-'
Mactire 2005-07-09 17:27:57 An oekaki is an drawing made with an on-line drawing program like OekakiBBS or PaintBBS.
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Random art
something im busy with ^^ the paper size is A1 (i think :P) anyway its pretty big.

i dont like the head from the girl on the right T.T
and i suck at coloring x)
comments?? :D
oke people this is actaully a part of this years christmiss card im working on :D. i know a few things are of but its pretty  hard 2 draw 2 exact same sides. and just mirroring the pic is no fun at al ^^. i did make the miniguns and bullits in 3ds max and renderd them in a cell shaded style because drawing really rond circles by hand is also very hard ^^. well c&c are welcome
cute maid girl i drew a long time ago------- originally posted at
evil lizard
Hello, all! It's me Raguel, I changed my name to Avaeccus because I use the name literally everywhere else. I also deleted a lot of my old art(from 75 to 6 drawings). Time to start anew!
Just a witch
its a story that i have been working
This is only my second drawing so its a bit better but still needs work please leave tips on how i can improve thank you
part three
hi everyone, been gone for a while (school, work, play?)I didnt really get to draw much lately, ive looked at the artwork of a few friends and seen during that time they have gotten better...(you know who you are)keep up the good work! as for me... i havent had time so i figured i just post some more old art from the manga thats taking me forever to finish
I dont think this is nudity, is it? I mean, there is a HUGE block....this is just for fun you know?

New pictures next time D:
I know it's the same picture, but i wuz just playin with some effects in the program.
WHO remembers yugioh??
comment please i would really like the comment and tell me what you think about it i drew it yesterday