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Started as a sketchtraining on how to draw faces from different views and ended up colored and stuff :P  What a shitpic
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Kheine Started as a sketchtraining on how to draw faces from different views and ended up colored and stuff :P What a shitpic
Def Character 2005-07-04 12:29:01 But you try it anyways.. Good for you DCloud
NikA 2005-07-04 12:50:23 nice faces ^_^ and it is not a shitpic <3
TheDarkHell 2005-07-04 23:14:14 great stuff your improving ^^
Nagashiwa 2005-07-05 02:58:22 nice dude
Kheine 2005-07-05 04:04:34 Thanks dudes :D hehehe
CynikSama 2005-07-05 04:42:28 good work.. me likes the middle one. XD
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Random art
perky witch
 It' not where you are or what you're doing, but who you're with . . .
Here's Kei, from my comic "Forever is Not Enough". ^^ He's in Ryu's cave, playing with spherical gems. Ryu is . . . off camera, but he IS the reason Kei is so happy. ^__^ (FYI, Kei is a peasant farm boy, which explains why his outfit is so . . . bleh. ^^;; Ryu has mountains of clothes he could borrow/have, but Kei prefers his own, for some odd reason.)
Just a random sketch i made :P
Realistic human proportions? What's that? ^_~
I drawed the hair a bit to late ^^' yes, she's suposed to be blue (she's from liosia, everyone down there is blue). this is a scene from a nightmare Rèna's having, it's really scary. I thought de blood had a real good effect like this. Rèna (owner of the eye) and Milai (the boy who's well...uhm..dying) are both chars from Link ©
Ugh I was bored and couldn't sleep and I kinda got to thinking about those too characters of mine. I don't draw them that often so I thought I might as well. hope you like it 
Yumi is Germaine's half sister, she only dated D'vonte because she knew Germaine was infatuated by him but now shes actually falling for him.
It is a mutant boy. ^_^ 
I hope you like it.
comments please!
S x Z

ive not uploaded on her for ages ! so HELLEOOOO EVERY1 !!! I MISSD ALL OF YOURE FUNKY ART! anyways this pic is inspired by the art of min woo hyung and the story of avatar the last airbender i may upload a finnished version of it soon
You know after drawing these winged guys day after day I've realised that my style still jumps around quite a bit *boo* T_T'' Looks like I'm gonna have to work harder to stop that from happening in the future (\(;3;)/)
I did this wallpaper just cuz i was bored... if you want the fullversion there it is on DA...
this is not my artwork , this a profile picture .