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Sometimes I question my sanity. But in the end, I don't really care. =P
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konflikti Sometimes I question my sanity. But in the end, I don't really care. =P
NikA 2005-07-04 13:03:08 oh oh oh !! so nice, it has very dynamic feeling ^_^ but there is something odd about her right arm proportions. BTW nice hair!
TheDarkHell 2005-07-04 23:13:04 nice ^^
Kheine 2005-07-05 04:49:33 WOW! Really nice pic! :D
Marius 2005-07-05 13:36:58 who needs sanity when you can hold a pencil :) Arms are too thin imo, but you got a very clean sketching style ^^
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2005-07-09 03:39:20 great whieee huh? ;p
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Random art
This drawing is at and awkward angle due to the fact that i cannot draw legs. i purposely drew her at the edge of the paper, in order to avoid the noticability of her missing legs. The cutout would not scan properly, however, and i was forced to glue it onto a seperate sheet of paper, leaving the cutoff legs.
whelp, really just a quick sketch of a couple of potential DnD characters that I decided to use for coloring practice. They're faces are a bit weird, tho I kinda like the way the woman's turned out. Nehoo, at the time I couldn't draw hands, so I just made them the bubbly kinda... hope that doesn't take too much away from the picture ;P
My very first oekaki^_^ It turned out pretty well I think. Only her hair looks a bit odd to me.
Valentine's Day Contest. Alrighty. Um. I started with the basic pose I saw from a picture of Miranda Kerr. I then changed the arms, mouth, and altered the hips slightly. I changed the hair and made up my own outfit. I thought a sexy female version of Cupid was necessary for a Valentine's Day treat.
it's a mix of Belldandy, Urd and Skuld.....enjoy!
Just a little random doodle, since my lack of inspiration the last time I decided to draw people in daily life poses. So, what do you think? (I know that the legs and her left foot look a bit odd) Let me hear what you think^_^
this is another drawing of me. Hope you like it.
Some quick cowboy-girl (is that a word?:P) sketch. But what I wanted to say is: after a comment on one of my drawings from Copycat I started to notice that there are a lot of people uploading their art on this site, but only a few people who are commenting. Some drawings even get no comments at all! So hereby I wanted to ask from everybody who reads this: PLEASE COMMENT OTHER PEOPLE'S ARTWORK! anyone can use help on their drawings and it's not that much of an effort. Thank you ^_^ p.s. i'm going on holiday so I won't upload/comment for a while
A crappy wolf tribal picture I made I dont really like it but oh well
ive made this from a picture of miyavi
i recolored his shirt and hat xD its the first time doing something like this, a friend of mine does it  all the time so i wanted to try it out. it isnt very good tough.. :p
After beng introduced to the skateboard culture by their father, two young boys spend their every second training to become professional skaters and to compete in the big tournament! But how far are the boys willing to go to achieve their goal?
i didnt get any further with these pics... school and awesome new pspgames and a mangacontest interupted me... even the darkcloud doesnt seem to feel very well...
a small scene from my #1 ff, dream of destruction: satoshi has finaly excepted krad and that's a good reason for my fave angel to cry. I'm working hard on the chapter with this scene in it. for the rest of the story, go to: Satoshi and Krad are from DN Angel
Work in progress. ? have got no idea as what kind of background I can put behind him