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Cool mecha, my own design :)
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Bates Cool mecha, my own design :)
Def Character 2005-07-03 03:24:26 Keep it up Bates ^^
NikA 2005-07-04 13:08:10 the emcha is really cool ^-^ the smoke/fire coming out of it looks really cartoon like ... it dosent match the mecha design ^_^U
Hikorta 2005-09-01 07:16:31 HEEEEEY DAAN :D hoe gaat het met jou (how is it going with you) didn't know you were on this net but it's cool you doing it 2 :) but really nice work :P keep it up, good start
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Random art
had to reload the pic with the 18+ warning, heh.  An old color pic that I did with the wacom when I first got it.
Another DK fanart with Rath and Cesia =D I am so dang proud of Rath's profile because I just CAN'T do them x_x;;; Hands are worse. Though I encounter hands more...I'm going to try to do more profile pictures (I already have another fanart scene in mind x3) to hopefully improve that since hands are just going nowhere. Anywho, background made by random brushes and burning layers.
some dude I found under my bed
done in an art class, just using my left hand...  I'm right-handed
This would be the older Akiyoru, my main character, this picture i did mainly for the purpose of practicing line-shading, which I need to be using more often.... I bleive this took about 30-40 mins
sources from honeydew XD XD
Happy 2007 everyone ^_^
Finally done. It's my "Thanks for 10,000 views" for my deviantart. I took out the writing for uploading it here though.
a sword slashing someone ....

a Lunar girl ^^ yay! 
she's head char of another comic im making ( yes im atm making 2 comics xD ) well she wont be having much to do with the moon tough.. ^-^'
This is the singer of a rock band. I'm gonna color... 
what do you people think?
good? sucks? needs work? couldn't be any better? : D
working on landscapes and such... this one is based off of a dream I had... was very fun to draw...
well its finshed ^^ hope you like it