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Cool mecha, my own design :)
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Bates Cool mecha, my own design :)
Def Character 2005-07-03 03:24:26 Keep it up Bates ^^
NikA 2005-07-04 13:08:10 the emcha is really cool ^-^ the smoke/fire coming out of it looks really cartoon like ... it dosent match the mecha design ^_^U
Hikorta 2005-09-01 07:16:31 HEEEEEY DAAN :D hoe gaat het met jou (how is it going with you) didn't know you were on this net but it's cool you doing it 2 :) but really nice work :P keep it up, good start
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Random art
Submitted this for my AnimeNewsNetwork Naruto OC contest ^_^;

Arena Nando
Manga Art
new pic im working on ^-^ i thought id upload it now cus it might take me a while to colour it =3 piz let me know wat you think so far ^-^ im still wondering if i should add more roses =3
finally finished.  I probably should have taken more time with the metal armor, but I got tired of repainting so I hid most in the shadows ;).
Well hello there, it has been awhile since i posted a art work, but here ya go :D
Rawr~<3. Here is one of those sketch i dont think i will never finish xD. Basically im trying perspective of some sort o_0 He looks OK but she doesnt >_>. As always comments and critics are welcome
Cache Character Sheet
I have drawn this a few years ago I hope you like it.
nag aa abang sa langit.. 
sa mga ulap sumi silip..
sa likod nga mga tala,
kahit sulyap lang darna!!!!!
These are the Ashleys.  They were friends of mine who went to my old high school.  I don't know, I think I totally butchered this sketch with the computer.
My first picture colored i manga studio. Hope you like it and any criticism is greatly appreciated.^.^
a rebel fighter. critics welcome
And another^_^ The latex girl is back. I found a new toy! Our own Oekaki board is great.
plants vs zombie fan art~ xD