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shinji Critism, please.
Zeph 2005-06-30 19:16:39 okay it's honestly not that bad...guy's chests are REALLY hard and...easy at the same time. In my opinion the belly button looks abit wierd cuz you have the line through it. I think you should color it (then again i hate color things so im not one to talk)
Zeph 2005-06-30 19:17:15 nice picture by the way
Def Character 2005-07-01 02:01:53 Make the head a bit smaller and finnish the hands ^^
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Random art
I don't have a name for this character yet but i'll just call her fighter girl 4 now
hheehehh wel this was last weekend XD me and a friend of my'n had a anime marathon whit lots of saké :D and golden boy, full metal panic, gto, casshern and so on so on well hope you like it ^^
woooh, merry Chrismas to you all!!
Manga Art
its me matthew molko did the pencils  and i inkd n colord this ^^
When I was little... I used to think that airborne things were really held up by tiny invisible thread >w<

Well heres just a lil illustration of htis idea XD

made it last year during some lecture. tried to make some loli? hahaha
hihi...dressed up Rinoa Lamoen^^
This is Lilly.
Ah... I've been gone a while. This picture was done back in June. It's a picture of me if I had awesome FRUiTS magazine type clothes XD. Prismacolour and Copic markers. I modifyed this a bit for my Gaia sig so if you're on Gaia and see me around, please say hi!
Yaii it's done

^-^ I hope you like this one
look at it and give comments ^-^
Warning nudity! I haven't drawn much lately. I made this one a while ago for my boyfriend. Still not really sure if proportions are right..
this drawing represent thefeelings I felt when I made her tellme what you think of her
somehow i like girls with swords...BIG swords!