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Just a sketch I made when I was extremely bored in the testweek :P
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Perfect_Sollitude Just a sketch I made when I was extremely bored in the testweek :P
Def Character 2005-06-30 04:05:42 You should get bored more often ^^...great detail....
Caro 2005-06-30 09:13:30 love the hair o_o :)
AIKUZA 2005-06-30 12:05:10 Hey, you really are getting better ^^. Really neat sketch you made. Im a pen sketcher myself. I make more mistakes with pencil than pen. Keep this up, you're on the right track (or some english shit-term like that XD) GO GO and STUFF!
gothqueen 2005-06-30 14:20:05 If this is just a sketch then I'm speechless
Kheine 2005-06-30 14:53:35 Awesome shadin you bastard ;D
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Random art
I finally got myself a graphire4 4x5 tablet, it was really hard to use that i pretty much wanted to give up using it. I was just creating some random lines  on photoshop and somehow gave me an outline in my head so i use it to draw this picture. (i hid the random line layer) Sadly it didn't turn out well as expected, but i was happy with it.
my second upload :)
I made it 2 years ago @ 8th grade
Hey MWS, hope you all will have a joyful new year experience in 2009!

Me and my girl on a rocket reaching for more Love from the Above!

be blessed,

an old pic made by me
Felt like doing Spider-man art
A pic I drew a long time ago of someone casting, and finally got around to colouring it. Its semi-done cause it seems like something's missing... please comment, constructive criticism welcomed!!
Xik's new hairstyle...
LOL, I dont even know if I have an older pic of her on mangaworkshop to compare it to anyway xD
heres it in colour ^-^ id like to thank kioshi for showing me an errer witch was stoping me from getting better
Action manga ongoing serie.

Page 19
I'v just found a picture I drew 8 YEARS AGO (when I was 11) & I decided to re-draw it ..... well you can see the change for yourself ^_^
My own princess bride. And not THE princess bride, the movie, just an ordinary princess that is about to get pink!
this is a little zombie girl with a big sword enough said bahahahaha
New cover for my comic BLUEPRiNT
Generally about street + highway racing in Toronto, Canada. I'll add more to the description later, and this is the rough, uncoloured cover as you can tell. hope people like this!!
just a random drawing i did while i was SUPER bored at work...the hands were REALLY REALLY hard to draw...i don't know why i had so much trouble, and i don't like how they came out =__=