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yeah.... only one who have seen this is Ayla. Made this crap like 8 or 9 months ago. and the thumb has the best colours ever. DAMN MUSKITOOOOOOOOO SZzz! break ye neck flying biotch!
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AIKUZA yeah.... only one who have seen this is Ayla. Made this crap like 8 or 9 months ago. and the thumb has the best colours ever. DAMN MUSKITOOOOOOOOO SZzz! break ye neck flying biotch!
AIKUZA 2005-06-24 16:55:34 drawing: 15 minutes. colouring 15 minutes. into the trashcan 2 seconds
Zeph 2005-06-24 22:16:08 im agreeing with lady yuna on this one....nice and VERY SUGGESTIVE!
Marius 2005-06-25 05:23:57 Dude got skillz ;) Nice, and funny too ^^
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2005-06-25 07:49:21 LIKE IT WHIEEEE!! HUH? :P
TheDarkHell 2005-06-25 11:37:17 lol XD it looks like kakashi god a thousend years of pain in his ass XD
Kheine 2005-06-26 05:14:23 Hahaha dude! Thats sick dude!:D I like sketchy style thou
Caro 2005-06-26 06:44:58 aah look at the blush on his face haha. suggestive yeah :P cool though!
Kaizu 2005-06-28 17:48:12 lolz @ Aik
AIKUZA 2005-06-29 10:29:49 hehe thanks Guys! .... for liking this ridiculous art ^^ nice comments. I got some more crazy Naruto art, just remind me for uploading them. Cause im a lazy scanner :/
Rach 2005-07-03 08:35:29 disgusting and nice at e same time...i've nothing to say!^^V
manga_boy 2006-01-24 05:39:51 who it's super but what is oekaki??
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Random art
Another photoshop creation.
One of my first drawings on computer.I drew it last year,I believe.
I hope you like this one too
Another pic from back in. 2012 :)
A unicorn (from Latin unus 'one' & cornu 'horn') is a mythological creature. Though the modern popular image of the unicorn is sometimes that of a horse differing only in the horn on its forehead, the traditional unicorn also has a billy-goat beard, a lion's tail & cloven hooves—these distinguish it from a horse.

In my interpretation, I used the structure of a warhorse with powerful legs & wild hair. I made sure to add dynamic smoke/magic dust to suggest where the unicorn's power supply is.
New cover for my comic BLUEPRiNT
Generally about street + highway racing in Toronto, Canada. I'll add more to the description later, and this is the rough, uncoloured cover as you can tell. hope people like this!!
The creatures that have alway's facinated the young ones and still facinate the older people.
Who are they? what are they?? The common way we picture them is half human half fish...but what do we know??

The first recolections of a mermaid where maid by sailors claiming the saw a mermaid(little thy know is their mermaid is an actuall manatine :p)

I love mermaids and i guess you know i love the mermaid items too then:p

Just hope you like my new art^^...Leave me comments^^

This is Daisuke and Wizz from D.N. Angel.. just finished inking it. If there's something odd please do tell me so i can change it before i'm gonna colour it ^^..
ms. Willow, the newly designed character for my little project "The fallen angel of Crow's Cross". I'm planning on making a short manga with her, if I can find the time that is. For the time being, her is her charecter design for you to enjoy!
Again for my schoolproject, a concept art I made for one of the enviromnent props. It's somekind of steammachine. I was obviously inspired by sealife in general. Photoshop CS2, tablet and 2H of work.
it needs some colors
I hope you like the color

someone ask me to collor it.. and I hope you like it too
<p align="left">
<b>A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009! ^_^</b>
This image is dedicated to Gabriel DeVue. I took Garla Lambert and Selt Brander out of the context and drew them in japanese costumes, because I admire the pattern and shapes on these fabrics so much and I love to lose myself into drawing details. I really want to get better at drawing kimono patterns.^_^
That's an illustration of my manga GOTT GAUSS. You can read it online for free here: <a href=""></a>
Outlines: black fineliner (Copic) 0,05 mm<br>
Medium: Tria-marker, indian ink, watercolour, coloured fineliners<br>
Paper: watercolour; 250g/m², 21 x 22,5 cm<br>
Time: 11½ h<br>
<a href=""></a>
my first drawing in open canvas, i hope you like it^-^