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ooh another oekaki! and this time its a sexy cat girl just out of the bath. ^_____^
CLICK FOR B00B13S!!1!!!11
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Dustin C. ooh another oekaki! and this time its a sexy cat girl just out of the bath. ^_____^

CLICK FOR B00B13S!!1!!!11
Def Character 2005-06-24 15:07:18 She should dry herself better..^^
AIKUZA 2005-06-24 16:13:29 cool oekaki. Best way to describe today ^^
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2005-06-25 07:50:07 WHEHEHE NICE :P
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Random art
done XD
I hope you will like this one
dunno who it is, maybe I'll draw him in a proper perspective..
( bad quality once again. but once more im working on it.
this is one of my first drawings when I started useing step by step tutorials.
well these are a few sketches i made for a char designes for a animation i want to make
My new Anime persona, Neon. ^^
hello guys. :3 this is my third time trying this place out (i'm a very off and on kinda person ^^; )

This is just a drawing that I jazzed up a bit... *shrugs* I kinda like how it looks though. :3 Not completely satisfied of course, but I still think it looks good. =^__^=

Tell me what you think!!
poor guy -_-U ... even worst for him i went lazy while coloring it XD. NikA is taking a break from drawing XD
now...would you trust that guy?
For <a href="">Snapesnogger</a><br>
Poor girl has been getting a lot of garbage from people... God only knows the REAL reasons why.

Thought she might need a little chippering up ^_^. This is my best take on her centaur woman from her Courtship piece *lookie here to see <a href="">Courtship</a>*<br>
I just hate to see a good artist who's not one of the 'OMG so popular' artists over  on DA finally get a small chance to shine for a while, and get clawed and snapped at because she finally got some attention. People need to learn to chill out.<br>

Pencils and inked with Copic multiliner BS in sketchbook, scanned into Photoshop 6 and border design added. <br><i>~~Bee 8/15/2005</i>
Anubis (in one of his forms)
This is the colored version of my 6th tabled made art n_n (gaia online avi art)i didn't colored it in by myself. Pinky_chan did that n_n tee hee hee i hope you like the colored version of this art