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I was just bored one night...and doodled this...and it turned out great!
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Saki I was just bored one night...and doodled this...and it turned out great!
gothqueen 2005-06-24 11:25:47 hahahahaha this is great!
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Darkrai's Gijinka(human form).:3
Weird cat guy I made in Open Canvas.
finally i finished this picture...took forever to color and make the backround...
I put in on here b4 but the quality sucked, well more than the quality now, I hope you like it. it's my version of that movie called when Hary met Sally (or meets)
mmmm the hand really s*cks..
help me!!!
Pic for my portfolio. comments and crits welcome 6^^
*Edit* corrections made
Def Character
Batter's up... I actually used an oekaki board for once(@ and Mario for those who don't know, are not my original chars, and belong to the Nintendo Corp. still no scanner but i'm in college now, so i might find one on campus. i spent a fair amount of time on this, i'm pretty happy with the result
Done entirely in Photoshop, mainly over the past 2 days containing sleepless nights. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Newest page in the second chapter of DRAW! i think it turned out pretty good. ^_^
if your new to my manga genius (yeah right)then go see the whole thing here:
Dustin C.
This qualifies as a furry right? Anyway this is one of my best coloring jobs. I cell shaded it at first but it looked too light so i just dabbled a little with the burn.
I already finished it, (This is the first picture made by me and that i can say i like).
Hope she does not longer resemble Yuna. Please C&C
A chapter cover XD
Parody on the B.I.G. campain held in The Netherlands. As if they will come and get you with a SWAT team if you download illegal software or music ^_^.
chibified rampage. rampage (c) emerson tung.