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I was just bored one night...and doodled this...and it turned out great!
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Saki I was just bored one night...and doodled this...and it turned out great!
gothqueen 2005-06-24 11:25:47 hahahahaha this is great!
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                                                                             myfirst drawing
Another random piece - He's supposed to be suprised by the spiders, especially the one reading the magazine. =] again open for tips.
this is Hayate when he transformed. his name has become Shin, wich means "True". This is 2 years later though, so I tried to make him look more mature. and he got short hair, like I do now. his transformation btw is not physical but in ways of energy and technique. so you know ^_^
A ninja girl that I drew for Desty Nova to color. This is my first time digitally inking something. Guess I should practice that a little more. ^_^;;
Been drawing in this style for a litte over a month. Having a lot of fun with eyes :)
a friend's ben bugging me to draw a picture of her for a while, lol, so I was uber bored the other day and made a sketch.  Not the best, but meh.  Largely just me enjoying my tablet xD
perky witch
Ok, it's a couple days late, but happy Halloween everybody! I'm getting a little more comfortable with Photoshop now, so here's one of my latest colored pieces.
WIP. :0 I finally decide to ink something. Probably because it's so simple. xD Not sure what I'm going to do with the background yet...
an OC by me
hi everyone! and now, moment of self comments ... what i like of this pic: the girl, the outfit, her eyes colorwork . And what i dont like: i dont know why the outline got a bit blur, shadows were a pain in the .... , her nose is odd and ... pretty much else too .
Ahhh, just trying over new coloring grounds, that's all
dante again...