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^^ Thought it was time for an original instead of a commission XD
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Perfect_Sollitude ^^ Thought it was time for an original instead of a commission XD
Kheine 2005-06-21 06:04:21 In this pc i can't see very good.. but i guess it looks great ^^ damn pc screen
phant00m 2005-06-21 09:37:28 Yea, it does look good :) Color/ink it? :D
gothqueen 2005-06-21 11:43:04 Her knees seem a bit too high, but otherwise very nice
Def Character 2005-06-21 13:28:41 lovely ^^
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Random art
my own version of tom sawyer huck and joe at the jackson island.
Another random doodle dump XD

not the best way to express irritation, but I liked the idea. and the hair.
Another one for the homage thread, if you haven't already done so, go check it out
we got the assignment to draw skeletons at the artschool , this is what came out o' my pencil , I kinda like it , but not a lot...
Result of some boring stuff. Can't remember.
yo...thiz oNe iz takEN out frOm My latest comiC, "Sober"..chEck it ouT..
i didnt get any further with these pics... school and awesome new pspgames and a mangacontest interupted me... even the darkcloud doesnt seem to feel very well...
Oh finally i got something with decent colors...
you can go here to see the bigger version of this
BTW that's evil-ink-thing that she throwing
Valentine contest
A lil bit early...
Chinesse New Year and Valentine artwork. 

Don't wanna miss those events. So I draw it now before I get busy~
Wacom Graphirre 4
Lineart -> Manga Studio EX
Coloring -> Adobe Photoshop CS3

Estimate Time: 10 Hours
It's Viaresu (Bierrez) from Dragon Knights by Mineko Ohkami :O Drawn to celebreate National Viaresu Month xD;; It's been a while since I've drawn and colored anything o_o
Hi all~! long time no see =D I haven't been drawing for a very long long time (nooo inspiratioon =_=) anyway, I just happen to draw something again =D here is a sketch of shin, gene and kinjima (they represent me and my best friends)
Gaiaonline art.