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^^ Thought it was time for an original instead of a commission XD
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Perfect_Sollitude ^^ Thought it was time for an original instead of a commission XD
Kheine 2005-06-21 06:04:21 In this pc i can't see very good.. but i guess it looks great ^^ damn pc screen
phant00m 2005-06-21 09:37:28 Yea, it does look good :) Color/ink it? :D
gothqueen 2005-06-21 11:43:04 Her knees seem a bit too high, but otherwise very nice
Def Character 2005-06-21 13:28:41 lovely ^^
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Random art
A character for my manga Attune, to bring into harmony. This is a kid version.
I drew a girl...for once...sorta xD ... originally posted at
evil lizard
After going through two whole weeks of drama Drake finally gets to dance with the girl he loves at the senior high school prom.
Anime Chick
fan art.. again.. sorry i will get more original stuff in soon, i promise. this is from the manga, tokyo mew mew!

used HB, 2B and a pen

i love this picture! remember critisizem wanted!
Chibi of J-pop group, w-inds. in marathon haha XD XD

FROM LEFT:Ryuichi,Keita,Ryohei
i sketched it fairly light, sorry

im going to outline it later on. like tomorrow =]

so you'll be able to seeit clearly. 1/27/08
This is Venus... v.2
I acted on some crits that I got on the forum and made some revisions. ^_^ Hope you like it.
Illustration asignment for school. I didn't have much time to color so it's a big rush job. Maybe I'll recolor it one day..

EDIT: yeah, I recolored it :)
my second drawing added , i like it hope u do to
wiley justin
Chibi made in Corel Draw, I had alot of fun making this
i tried for a blank sad face. help.
Well...don't ask me what is this...coz I don't know...I was high ;)