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He is Pan. The stongest of all satyrs. Son of God Hermis. His hobby? Going after Nymps... ^^
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Misato He is Pan. The stongest of all satyrs. Son of God Hermis. His hobby? Going after Nymps... ^^
Def Character 2005-06-19 13:54:18 excellent...^^
ukkie 2005-06-20 08:41:04 You put a text of Homeros next to it, right? anyway nice pic, good work on the half human/half animal part ^_^
Misato 2005-06-22 04:32:04 thanx!^^ yes, "Homer" or "Homeros", it's the same. He is the greatest ancient Greek poet. He also has written Odyssey and Iliad.
noname 2005-08-06 05:56:16 He seems too lazy to go after Nymphs ^^
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Random art
Also an old image, this is a cover I did a good couple of years ago of my original comic project Fragile. Here is the main character the 12 yr old boy Lake, his winged friend August and Lake's pets Chupon and Twirl. This is one of the last things I did before I turned to digital inking.
Sketching in the bus on my way to work 6^^
Def Character
page 1 from a doujinshi I gonna made..
Very old
One of my older pics. Just wanted to post it back up on here so newer members could see it. ;)
okay this drawing prooves that I'm no good at drawing dragons...I just wanted to try once because I'm jalous at my friend lorenzo...he's the bets when it comes to backgrounds and dragons...btw , I'm trying tu persuade him to join this no avail...^_?
graphite pencil drawing rendered in ink, watercolor and colored pencil

FMA, i was searching Fullmetal on google and found this awesome wallpaper so i decided to draw it. i had to switch up the background because i noticed that once i got down to drawing Ed i forgot to add the streetlights. >.>
S Cloud Strife, took me a lot to upload something, so here's a fanart
An art I did a while ago. Some of you may have already seen it on Deviant. BUt for those who havent; its the cute PeachGirl again! Done with illustrator and photoshop. Well, thats all, gonna get some sleep now. drop a line if you want to. peace
Japanese schoolgirl .. . . . um. . . yeah that's it ha ha.
an waitress, not happy with it at all >.< criticize please!!
Guard Angel - Picture number 1 of 3. When all three images are looked at, you should be able to see the story being told. Mediums used: Pencil and paper, Photoshop CS. Time taken: 15-20 hours (drawing); 10-12 hours (coloring)