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Hey guys^^ This is the coloured version of the last one, hope u like it! (I reuploaded it, the arm was too long so The Dark Hell fixed it for me XD
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Perfect_Sollitude Hey guys^^ This is the coloured version of the last one, hope u like it! (I reuploaded it, the arm was too long so The Dark Hell fixed it for me XD
NikA 2005-06-16 12:37:08 oh! ^-^ looks really good colored, nice hair!! ^-^ but her right arm is too long
Perfect_Sollitude 2005-06-16 12:58:57 Oh yeah forgot to mention that^^' I know it's too long >.< Stupid stupid stupid!
Def Character 2005-06-16 14:06:28 Nevertheless nice colour choise...^^ Guess you're getting better and better with those markers...^^
ukkie 2005-06-18 07:38:02 how do you shade with your markers? Because it doesn't really seem to work out when I try it, maybe because I use special marker-paper, but it doesn't really get darker. Or should I just try harder? ^_~
Perfect_Sollitude 2005-06-18 09:00:07 I used special marker paper before, but it was of recycled quality, so NOT good. I use other, smoother and thicker paper now, don't know what you call it :S I shade with the same colour, I do it again after the ink dries up.
ukkie 2005-06-20 08:46:59 OK, thanks for the tip! ^_^
gothqueen 2005-06-21 12:01:44 Wow looks very very good
BlackCat 2005-11-13 06:23:18 Wow, I have no remarks, This looks great!
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Random art
This is the main character for the manga my friend and I are working on.
A little preview
I know it's not perfect
If I find sometime I gonna remake this one^_^
Okay, second piece. This is the would be cover for a future issue of Its supposed to show ya how different.. people can get connected and share interests trough different.. handhelds (like the gba, psp, blah blah blah) Me I just like the demon with the big missile :). Sketched in blue pencil, then taken to photoshop from there (hence the line quality being sketchy and stuff)
The Raging Spaniard
hi everyone, been gone for a while (school, work, play?)I didnt really get to draw much lately, ive looked at the artwork of a few friends and seen during that time they have gotten better...(you know who you are)keep up the good work! as for me... i havent had time so i figured i just post some more old art from the manga thats taking me forever to finish
MS Paint doodle because my Corel Painter trial just ran out on me. XD
Rin Kagamine. Digital artwork!
Posting the colors that I did for my line art.  Still getting back into the swing of things, but not too shabby if I do say so myself ;).
allright, today the good stuff starts to pile in, remeber that soccer piece i did a while ago? this here is the page prior to what happened there. I believe what goalies go trough in any game is incredibly underrated, so i wanted to shift my focus on that. Also, i toned down the linework on the crowds for better composition. hope you like it (and comment on it, hint hint) ;)
The Raging Spaniard
Manga Art
the second and final page for my entry to
given that this and the other page i did are my first attempts atCG painting, i think they came out pretty good. ^_^
enjoy it!
Dustin C.
Well, it took me long enough to get this done...but here it is, my fighting character (who looks starngely like me...ahem) Not too much mystical stuff, T-Square of justice in hand and a pretty messed up in the head attitude would be the main things to point out although, wheter he wins or loses, the opponent will always end up bleeding, thats a fact ^___^. about the drawing itself, im starting to change my style a bit, inked it and did these flat tones in photoshop..nothing too shabby but it has a pretty solid look which i wanted to get. plus, this will also be used for my upcoming site.
The Raging Spaniard
Just a bunch of sketches, nothing special ^_^