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Hey guys^^ This is the coloured version of the last one, hope u like it! (I reuploaded it, the arm was too long so The Dark Hell fixed it for me XD
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Perfect_Sollitude Hey guys^^ This is the coloured version of the last one, hope u like it! (I reuploaded it, the arm was too long so The Dark Hell fixed it for me XD
NikA 2005-06-16 12:37:08 oh! ^-^ looks really good colored, nice hair!! ^-^ but her right arm is too long
Perfect_Sollitude 2005-06-16 12:58:57 Oh yeah forgot to mention that^^' I know it's too long >.< Stupid stupid stupid!
Def Character 2005-06-16 14:06:28 Nevertheless nice colour choise...^^ Guess you're getting better and better with those markers...^^
ukkie 2005-06-18 07:38:02 how do you shade with your markers? Because it doesn't really seem to work out when I try it, maybe because I use special marker-paper, but it doesn't really get darker. Or should I just try harder? ^_~
Perfect_Sollitude 2005-06-18 09:00:07 I used special marker paper before, but it was of recycled quality, so NOT good. I use other, smoother and thicker paper now, don't know what you call it :S I shade with the same colour, I do it again after the ink dries up.
ukkie 2005-06-20 08:46:59 OK, thanks for the tip! ^_^
gothqueen 2005-06-21 12:01:44 Wow looks very very good
BlackCat 2005-11-13 06:23:18 Wow, I have no remarks, This looks great!
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Random art
first ever manga drawing. Myself :D using coloured pencils, ink and watercolour paper.
It's been a while since i uploaded something? So?   Ain't some girls cute when there angry?
Def Character
2 month late but here is Libra
She is a air sign. Diplomatic, romantic and I think a lover of pink ^^' I wanna make her like kind of lady justice but than a more like romaticer an I think the eagle and pidgeons also fit in that statement. 

PS: I know eagles and pidgeons can't live together. ^^'
The background and edges are rough on this...i had to erase alot to get rid of the old background. I will re-do it another time.
I think I overdid it a little.
this is page 2! 
read right to left, column by column ^^
i draw this with my nieuw markers
i hope jou think its nice b^^
pencil no jutsu

Practicing poses wich I colored really quick. This one is actually a few weeks old but thought I should put it up anyway, been gone for a while so yeah :P 
Got so much W.I.P's I need to finish.... And I will work on them starting today so I'll be uploading a lot of new pictures soon! =D
Superbike actionpose. I've already uploaded this one in the past, but I've changed a lot to it. It's now coloured for example. It's not my best I think, but I had to upload it, cause it looked so cool^^.
i like this one because of its colors.
i don't like how i made the body, its all wrong!
ah well... ^^
Uh. Pokemon... fanart... D: Drawn for a contest on FAC. Yeah.
=3 hi everyone =3. i am making this under request at gaia. There is something VERY WRONG i dont know what it is so any comments and criticism are welcome =/ i guess is her left arm but i dont know why it is so odd >_<. She is supouse to be inside a hollow tree with huge leaves and bleh bleh bleh fog it has a sort of middle east style etc etc etc ...
I was having 3D lessons at school and we had to look for pictures on the internet, but i just drew one. and I thought I could make an art out of it XD don't mind the arms, it wasn't meant to be serious =D