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ok, the second drawing of the day X_X. hope you guys like it, because i think he is hot! (and i also like the drawing ^-^) c&c welcome
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NikA ok, the second drawing of the day X_X. hope you guys like it, because i think he is hot! (and i also like the drawing ^-^) c&c welcome
Def Character 2005-06-16 00:43:07 Voodoo creepy ^^
NikA 2005-06-16 06:55:27 thanks ^^ <3
Nagashiwa 2005-06-16 09:55:21 this one is really great!!
NikA 2005-06-16 12:38:51 does anyone think this is not manga anymore? or is it just me?
Def Character 2005-06-17 00:39:58 Guess this is more fantasy than manga ^^ make the next manga but in this style 6^_^
NikA 2005-06-17 05:42:43 i will try that defcharacter ^-^
MatthiusMonkey 2005-06-17 14:05:44 yunno it remids me of the preist front cover art witch is a good thing ^^
Remi 2005-06-19 00:35:49 Is he really practicing vodoun rituals? Hmm, by the looks of it he could be a bokor. ^^ Nice one.
mabel 2005-06-21 17:11:15 dats pretty deadly!!! its gud!
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