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hmm....i had nothing 2 do so i made this, 1st i scanned my drawin then i did some editting with photo shop ~_~
2 lazy 2 make a background
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wrath hmm....i had nothing 2 do so i made this, 1st i scanned my drawin then i did some editting with photo shop ~_~ 2 lazy 2 make a background
1-MM-1 2005-06-14 17:00:48 i am digging the armor:]
Silky 2005-06-15 04:08:39 I like this character a lot! ^^ He reminds me of that guy from Phantom of the Opera, for some reason. And Albel Nox. o_o;The coloring is nice too, especially the shinyness in some parts. The only thing I don't like is that the left leg (the one pointing down) could be too short. Other than that, I like this a lot.
Kheine 2005-06-15 06:32:31 You colored it really neatly ^^
Def Character 2005-06-15 07:53:59 neat colourpic... to bad that the colours don't reach the outlines...
Silky 2005-06-15 11:25:55 DefCharacter - I don't think he meant for the colors to reach the outlines. He added a shiny effect instead, and in other parts, he used that effect to shade some parts of it. Unless you're talking about part of the arm, which looks like it was a different colors on the bottom of the sleeves and gloves under the arm thingie. :3
ukkie 2005-06-15 11:39:41 nice, I agree with Silky about the leg though ^_^ nice coloring ^_
wrath 2005-06-16 01:01:30 thnx =3 oh like silky said, the colors aren't supose 2 reach the outlines, otherwise it would become 1 big color-ish blob
Leaf 2007-01-22 10:08:20 Nicely Stange(and nice).
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