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A Ragnarok Priest.  I don't really know what to say about this one. >_< Well, thankyou for the comments on the last picture I put up. :3
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Silky A Ragnarok Priest. I don't really know what to say about this one. >_< Well, thankyou for the comments on the last picture I put up. :3
wrath 2005-06-14 15:55:17 ur pretty good ^^ the priestress looks really cute! *__* and i luv ragnarok ^^
TheDarkHell 2005-06-14 22:52:42 niceeee i really dig your style :D it has something to it ^^. the only think is rong are the hands because i don't really see how he is holding his staff and the thum looks to small, but besides that great drawing ^^
Shinfate 2005-06-15 01:33:52 very nice style ^^ good work
paper-samurai 2005-06-15 03:08:12 ive never done ragnarok(its a game right?)but the artwork looks good,nice style:)
Kheine 2005-06-15 06:32:45 Cool style ^^
Def Character 2005-06-15 07:45:46 Great..^^
AIKUZA 2005-06-15 07:47:08 Cool style ^^ (copy - paste - from Khein)(especially since its done with pennnnnn)(tussen haakjes enzo)
Silky 2005-06-15 11:27:02 It's actually not done with pen. It's a pencil. ^__^;;;
yurusanzo 2005-06-15 11:36:38 one day we should a monk named serenista on the chaos server
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charac. designs for a manga project i made a year ago.

sorry for the size...200 KB is so confining~

i was wondering if you guys could maybe give me some feedback, it would be cool to talk to some of you all.  You guys are incredibly talented~ I hope I can measure up.

Chinese martial Robot - Yin and Yang.
Konohamaru of the anime Naruto. You probarly all know the anime.
<b>IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN THE STORY, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT WITH AT LEAST A SMILEY FACE ON IT, SO I CAN TRACK HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE FOLLOWING IT. THANKS. :D :D :D</b><p> Yes. <p>Please comment. Feedback is most definitely welcome and suggestions will be taken into consideration. =D And uh... yes!

<p><p>Page Nine of the story.
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 Hello Everyone, I am new here, And This is my first time Uploading. I did a fanart sketch of Mushihimesama. I hope you like it. Please have a look at my website if you like my art. ^-^v
well its a big new fad over at that "other" art community, so i'll share the fruits of my labor here. ^_^
its called a 'Pixel ID'
Dustin C.
Miss Magic ispired me to draw another sketch, i hope its better, please comment!
lol got bored while I was babysitting a while back.  I think that was the first time I'd used crayons in like ten years xD  Somehow I just love the way the lips turned out <3 hehe
Thought- Being Destined for something great but trading that up for something more fun.
Really hoping to get lots of feedback to improve my manga stories. I love drawing and hope to meet lots of people with the same energy towards drawing like myself
This was just a doodle at first, but I liked it so much I decided to redo it. Please look through the crappiness of my scanner -_-' Hope you like ^____^

i personally think this sketch came out better.