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^^Okay. This is my princess, tell me what you think XD Still not satisfied with the eyes though =.=
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Perfect_Sollitude ^^Okay. This is my princess, tell me what you think XD Still not satisfied with the eyes though =.=
Def Character 2005-06-11 14:01:20 Great design but she has a flat shoulder...^^
Perfect_Sollitude 2005-06-11 14:44:33 No she hasn't^^ It looks that way because there's a lock of hear in front of it. Looks weird now that you mention it :S
Kheine 2005-06-11 15:08:37 Coloring is darn good dude O.o !!!
paper-samurai 2005-06-12 02:40:21 good color
MatthiusMonkey 2005-06-12 07:26:19 amazeing coloring yea the eyes look lil funny but its still cool
Perfect_Sollitude 2005-06-12 14:04:48 Hey Koppa, you shitin with me?? :S
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Random art
i really love soi of fushigi yuugi...not only because og her costume that i want to try on...mostly..i love her character though she is one of the enemy or the antagonist in the story.... i was interested with her because of nakago being her she is really beautiful like me...hehehe


Not *really* a mech. My computer boy 'Dolly'. He's none to bright, hence the mis-spelt cancel.
***ok... here is the deal...  Saki doesn't have a scanner at her house, so all her images are on my computer (I'm Sydney... you might know me as lady_yuna...) so I'm gonna upload some- times....***  This is just a few chibi's, mostly of Shiro. Enjoy, AND COMMENTS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED! ^^
looking around my backup, I found this old one. I know is some confusing, but I like in this way. the character have six wings, two near to the legs, and four in the back. two of them have birds in their tops, turning their tails into wings. the last pair have some details of bat wings, but this is almost imperceptible.
Snow White :) I really like her.
haven't uploaded anything in ages. was browsing thru artworks here and found  twisted lilium's interesting ^^ here's the colored version of her sketch.

Kisuke Urahara by Tite Kubo, Bleach
MWAHAAAHHAA!! My first attempt at drawing Vincent in chibi form. Sorry it's on paper with lines, but made this one during class.
This is commission work I did for a book my friend wrote.  The character's name is Aden.
Emo's do rap !