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^^Okay. This is my princess, tell me what you think XD Still not satisfied with the eyes though =.=
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Perfect_Sollitude ^^Okay. This is my princess, tell me what you think XD Still not satisfied with the eyes though =.=
Def Character 2005-06-11 14:01:20 Great design but she has a flat shoulder...^^
Perfect_Sollitude 2005-06-11 14:44:33 No she hasn't^^ It looks that way because there's a lock of hear in front of it. Looks weird now that you mention it :S
Kheine 2005-06-11 15:08:37 Coloring is darn good dude O.o !!!
paper-samurai 2005-06-12 02:40:21 good color
MatthiusMonkey 2005-06-12 07:26:19 amazeing coloring yea the eyes look lil funny but its still cool
Perfect_Sollitude 2005-06-12 14:04:48 Hey Koppa, you shitin with me?? :S
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