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This is my new computer drawing, hope you like it! ^-^
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Ayumi This is my new computer drawing, hope you like it! ^-^
Merink 2005-06-11 11:44:07 the nose seems alittle off but it's ok, try drawing on paper and scanning it.
Def Character 2005-06-11 13:56:20 Nice..^^
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Random art
A first year high school. She's part of the gymnast team.
Kingdom Hearts 2 STILL hasn't been released in the U.K !!!!
and here the colored averege guy :D
0_o a happy piece from me... Dunno what got into me :P Anyways, sumthin to brighten up yur day ^^
Name: undecided

Gander: Female

Skill: Based apon fire manipulation

Alliance: undecided

Relation to main caracter: undecided.
TADA!!! this is for Kagami and Raptoe... and yes I am a guy that made a Yaoi...*shamed* :D I know ther is no real reference to harry-Potter but it works for me :P
She is Clare from the manga called Claymore
Lee Henrik
Sketch, sketch, sketch.... ^^'
Def Character
Etrigan vs Rude-D (first part)
Important Notice! This comic is an Emcee Battle between Etrigan the rhyming demon and Rude-D the galactic nucleus. As you may or may not know, an Emcee Battle is a battle with rhymes, not punches or kicks. While reading this, you can actually hear Rude-D spitting if you follow this link:
and click Rude-D VS Etrigan either lo-fi or hi-fi.
Nifty gimmick or what?
Now go enjoy!
(oh, there's a wee bit of strong language in it btw)
Uhm. Drawing by me, coloring by Aikuza. Look at the time. Bye.
Hopefully you can recognize her

This bookmark is a part of my art for a contest ^^ I like this bookmark so I scan and color it :3