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Its summer so lets SKATE or BMX:ing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kinda like the bg thou its very crappy done ^^  no outlines this time :D
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Kheine Its summer so lets SKATE or BMX:ing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kinda like the bg thou its very crappy done ^^ no outlines this time :D
Perfect_Sollitude 2005-06-11 05:38:40 Cool :P The left hand and the legs look a bit odd though but nice anyway XD
Kheine 2005-06-11 05:53:18 Bicycles don't get pregnant. You can ride your Bicycle any time of the month. Bicycles don't have parents. Bicycles don't whine unless something is really wrong. You can share your Bicycle with your friends. Bicycles don't care how many other Bicycles you've ridden. When riding, you and your Bicycle can arrive at the same time. Bicycles don't care how many other Bicycles you have. Bicycles don't care if you look at other Bicycles. Bicycles don't care if you buy Bicycle magazines. You'll never hear, "Surprise, you are going to own a new Bicycle" unless you go out to buy one yourself. If your Bicycle goes flat you can fix it. If your Bicycle is too loose you can tighten it. If your Bicycle is misaligned, you don't have to discuss politics with it. You don't have to be jealous of the guy who works on your Bicycle. If you say bad things to your Bicycle, you don't have to apologize before you ride it again. You can ride your Bicycle as long as you want and it won't get sore. You can stop riding your Bicycle as soon as you want and it won't get frustrated. Your parents won't remain in touch with your old bicycle after you dump it. Bicycles don't get headaches. Bicycles don't insult you if you're a bad rider. Your Bicycle never wants a night out with the other Bicycles. Bicycles don't care if you're late. You don't have to take a shower before you ride your bicycle. If your Bicycle doesn't look good you can paint it or get better parts. You can ride your Bicycle the first time you meet it, without having to take it to dinner, see a movie, or meet its mother. The only protection you have to wear when riding your Bicycle is a decent helmet. When in mixed company, you can talk about what a great ride you had the last time you were on your Bicycle.
Kheine 2005-06-11 05:54:55 Thats why you should choose the bike instead of the girls :D
Def Character 2005-06-11 13:48:39 colouring, clothing, folds great...... proportions #_#
TheDarkHell 2005-06-12 06:29:39 your improving ^^ only the bg is still very basic and come on a cloud whit lightning in the middel of summer -_- hmmm somethings not quite right there :P but anyway keep trying
Nagashiwa 2005-06-12 11:06:28 I like it but anytings are wrong:p
Kaizu 2005-06-15 06:14:48 Very good, the faces finally look different :D
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