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If you do not recognize this character, you fail at Internet. He has been my favourite character since I got the game.
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konflikti If you do not recognize this character, you fail at Internet. He has been my favourite character since I got the game.
FinalMajin 2005-06-10 11:12:08 Bridget pwns ^^ I like it. Will u color it?
konflikti 2005-06-10 11:40:35 Way to go spoiling the fun for others. =P Don't count on me coloring this, I'm too lazy.
yurusanzo 2005-06-10 17:06:51 cool briget...but its all about potampkin!
Kheine 2005-06-11 04:50:55 I dont know this character... But i sure like the drawing alot ^^
Perfect_Sollitude 2005-06-11 05:41:00 Cool, but don't know her either :P
Deetris 2005-06-11 07:31:38 Well don't colour it I'll say. Looks good enough in B&W :3
paper-samurai 2005-06-11 11:37:24 guilty gear:)wicked
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Random art
A nice girl I made just jet, what do you think?
I thought it was kinda fun to use an
actual pic of me for the last
panel, and then sorta 'cartoonize'
it.. but so far I'm the only one
enjoying that lil' joke. I must
admit it's not very consistent.
And another^_^ The latex girl is back. I found a new toy! Our own Oekaki board is great.
The girl next door ^^
In September I hope to attend the HKU Game-art. For the admission project I have to create my own boardgame. I came up with a very cool concept~ it's going to involve cards. these are the images on it's own. check and see the complete cards ^^
Title: cold

This was something out of the blue made on an online doodleboard, no idea where it came from though. There's probably a lot wrong with it but still i like it somehow 6^^ brrrr. . .
Def Character
I dedicate this one to Tupac Amaru Shakur(1971-1996).

A bit of costume design.... (the pants....)  As always, comments are always greatly appreciated! ^^
Hi! This was supposed to be Snow White in the dark forest, but now its just a girl in a dress.. I will finish it sometime later when i have time ^^;;;
(ow sorry about the bad quality, i used paint to reduce the size because not so long ago this computer was dead, so i have to put some decent programs on it)
This is again that same charra but now as demonic schoolgirl **sweatdrop**  This also happens to be my gaian avatar so i wanted to draw her ontop of the world causde i like to be the center of it ALL!!
(Dare you deny me!)


Xies to the fans^^
Well, its definitely been a while. Heres some fanart of Final Fantasy VIII's Squal Lionheart, drawn and inked by hand and painted in Photoshop.
The Raging Spaniard
Latest piece.  100% acrylic paint.  Approached this one more hapzardly...basically a outline sketch and then threw paint down. lol.  Also very quick in like 3 hours.
A drawing of Eralgo. It´s a city located under a humongous mountain. Well, it´s gonna be featured in my manga, yet it doesn´t appear in first part (~5 first chapters)
I was turned dollfie by a creepy witch who lives under my floorboards. D: