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Yay!! Getting better with my markers! I see now that the top of her head looks really strange, but tell me what you think anyway^^
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Perfect_Sollitude Yay!! Getting better with my markers! I see now that the top of her head looks really strange, but tell me what you think anyway^^
Def Character 2005-06-08 23:05:27 Getting better every try eh... ^_^
AIKUZA 2005-06-09 06:59:59 Yep, Markers and eyes look better ^^. But I think the eyes should be closer too the nose. The face looks kinda long now, and the eyes should be almost the same height as the ears. Hope you dig.
Perfect_Sollitude 2005-06-09 13:25:31 Aikuza, that helped me^^ thnxx for the advice! I'll work on it XD
Kheine 2005-06-10 05:14:12 you bet you are better !
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Random art
Remember that black and white eva pic I uploaded a while ago? Well this is the finished sketch. Line art coming up in a moment..
Recent art. It's been awhile since a last posted some art.
Hope ya' like it.
A sketch of a ronin in his formal outfit...Didn't take me so long actually.
heh, ironicly the day i upload something new is the same day all my stuff get's deleted ^_^ well it's not actually ''new'' it's an old thing i redrew, only this one has a face on it :D   ah well, i'm back guys ^_^
Another simple comic, wich is a remake of an older comic also on this site. Just wanted to redo it in the same style as my other comic. Hope you all digs
i dont usually draw on computers, this is my first attempt at drawing on ms paint... i did it real quickly so its kind of bad and i didnt do shading on face etc...but im gona try hard and do a proper nice picture on ms paint another time.if u have any tips much appreciated!X

...oh its gone really weird shaped aswell cos i tried resize it cos it was too big :S !
carla maria
and i like to go to ze movies... (you know what goes here)
an old drawing that I found in the dust under a nintendo 64
i have a bad habbit of randomly drawing on notebook paper...this is the result. anyway, he is just a monk with dragon spirit.
really wasn't sure about the rating, so I just leaned on the safe side and went ahead and rated it.  Role-playing characters.  The one in jeans is Evan, which you guys might've caught me doodling before.  The other is a friend's character.  Not sure if you want to hear the details or not xD;  lol.
A pretty nice sketch if i may say so:)
I dont come here often anymore..dotn got the time to draw accept for school..But i finaly did some work of my own again,turnd out pretty okay..
archangel michael (c) emerson tung.
Manga Art
Another attempt at Bee-chan's lineart challenge. ^^ Whatcha think?
Colored with Paint Shop Pro 8.1