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you all know hayate. in the background is his party member
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Shinfate you all know hayate. in the background is his party member "Gene-ex". he is an experimental weapon made by the americans, created to destroy everything in it's way. gene-ex doesn't have feelings, somehow he became friends with hayate ( long story ) and his sister fel in love with him. in this picture, Gene-ex shows his feelings for the first time, seeing his beloved getting killed. ( my own crit about this drawing is that Hayate's feet is wrong and Gene-ex's hand.
Nagashiwa 2005-06-09 01:47:06 heel mooi geworden lieverd. maar sommige schaduwen kloppen niet.
AIKUZA 2005-06-09 07:07:09 I can see you digged DBZ very much. I can see some inspiration style in it. Its cool, but the blue guy in the back needs more work though.
Shinfate 2005-06-09 07:14:12 it's true, I digged DBZ very much and still am ^^
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