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This is the logo that will be on 200+ t-shirts this summer. What do you think about it? C&C
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CericCalas This is the logo that will be on 200+ t-shirts this summer. What do you think about it? C&C
AIKUZA 2005-06-03 01:51:45 Is that Lionel Richie? thought it was for a second. Just kiddin'like always. And ehh, I'll behonet with you; The logo should be more seen as 'one'. And the layout is kinda out of place. It looks like 2 different logo's: Rocksolid and YC05. And the YC05 is too blurry. ANd the RockSolid Font is kinda happy flinstones. And they differ from size. And the outline shouls be as thick as the the rock's. The concept of a man holding a rock is cool, but not worked out pretty good. His body and pose need some work. The rock is good. I suggest you work it all out in Illustrator. It's better for logo's and you wont lose quality that way. This way the shirtimage wont be blurry. Thats all me what I think of it. I've done many logo's, I know what it takes to make a logo believe. Its hard to have feedback on a logo, but it only makes you better. So I hope you understand. Good luck dude!!!!!
FirstBorn 2005-06-03 05:19:33 I gave you some comment and an example at the forums.
CericCalas 2005-06-03 11:31:39 I don't have illustrator, nor do i know how to get it, so if you do, please feel free to let me know. I'm pretty sure they understood i prolly hadn't done this before, so it wouldn't be the best, but their idea was a stick figure with a rock, that looked more like a pile of crap, so i figure anything would be better. I'm hoping this will be a learning experience, and i still don't understand what you mean by "seen as one". they told me to mesh two of the logos i had put up previously, in this order... and the logo is gonna be black/blank so it won't be blurry, i blieve... if not, i'm working on making it smoother
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Random art
It took me 8 chapters to even like Taul, and 2 more to love him.  

And in a few more he gets propz for being the horniest alien dragon librarian.

sketch for my character from my manga"plague"
Like I said, here's the other rikku :)
this is my friend ochie...
obviously she's into basketball and she usually gain the highest score when we were having basketball tournament.... hehehehe
Finished marker painting art trade with Glittering Starshower on the MLP Arena, of her ponies, Tsubasa ( male pegasus ), and Starlight Sonata ( female unicorn ).<br><br>

Pencils and india ink & brush on 11 x 8.5 inch cardstock, 'painted' with Prismacolor markers, white gel pen, and white colored pencil.<br><br>

<i>~~Bee 5/3006</i>
My OC Yamazaru Tohta is a yakuza boss expert to using special kicks and classical yakuza wooden sword.
Colored version of a previous sketch. This is Nightfall from ElfQuest, made a while ago. Im pretty happy how it turned out. (yeah i know about the torso and her right hand ^^;;.. )
I think his head looks a little too big but apart from that I liked how this turned out. I think the colours I picked work well with eachother too. This is just Hyper Kiel with his golden axe. The background took longer than I expected tho as I thought it would due to all the extra details I put into it, but it was all worth it as I had much fun creating the background!
im very pleased with this ^-^ although the messege is a little tear jerking:*( lol please tell me wat u think ^-^
the tenth page of princess nightmare
Sorry for the vague image...
It was a rather light sketch so you must look closely to see it good...
Just a 10 minute sketch. Let me know what you think ^_^
so I didn't get to exactly finish my last drawing, though its well on its way and about done... I just lost my graphic pen when my friend left for school, but I will have access to another one soon. in the meantime, heres a sketch of my friend on her request.