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Yay, finally some crap to upload again thanks to firstborn ^^. Well a tablet art I made a few weeks ago in photoshop cs. I call it, pile of heroes. dont know why. yep..... XD
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AIKUZA Yay, finally some crap to upload again thanks to firstborn ^^. Well a tablet art I made a few weeks ago in photoshop cs. I call it, pile of heroes. dont know why. yep..... XD
AIKUZA 2005-05-31 18:24:55 messy
Def Character 2005-05-31 22:26:40 Me likes...
TheDarkHell 2005-06-01 02:54:30 so no more mouse drawings :D got rsi ore something ?? XD heheh no just joking but i dont really know what to make of this drawing its really messy but not like my tablet skills are any better -_- i only can color good whit tablet but wen it comes too line arts i suck big time T_T
Kheine 2005-06-01 03:25:55 Super Team! Cool sketchy style too dude :I
AIKUZA 2005-06-01 04:54:12 Thanks :). Reason I find it messy is that the overall image is out of balance. Just my graphical taste. And nope, no RSI, but tablets just draw more fluent. And I did this art within 2 hours, so thats clearly the outcome. BUt I dig the sketchy style myself, just some characters are there to fill up the mofo ^^;;
Perfect_Sollitude 2005-06-01 07:23:54 Dito^^
paper-samurai 2005-06-01 14:39:55 youre too much of a good artist to really dislike it,but it aint my style
AIKUZA 2005-06-03 01:27:06 thanks man. Than whats your style than? I love all kinds of styles, thats why my arts are so different all the time. You should try it too ^^. Maybe you'll like doing some other styles for a change, and its good for your portfolio and experience dude :). And Teakwando rocks! had a lesson yesterday. Not as intensive as karate, but a very cool kicking style it has >:D!
Kaizu 2005-06-03 05:54:47 the shitty cut and paste work gives it a nice effect in a way.. seen better but like u said, it has a style of its own. good use of the filter btw
AIKUZA 2005-06-06 03:55:08 hehehe, yep. I hate filters. BUt somehow I made good use of them. And cut and paste aint my favourite, but for these kinda broken graffiti spots it's nessecary, cause I was lazy.
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whelp, there I go again, trying for the chubbeh but pretteh look ;3  I also (obviously) went for some shading on this one, and I really like the way it turned out ;D  heh, behold, another one of Emily's wonderfully craptacular backgrounds ;^^  *sweatdrop*
It has been awhile since the last upload (more than two years?) so I hope this makes up for it..

this is my new botguy.
Just something I did in spanish class, tell me what you think..

Not real happy with the scanner, but meh. Gets the point across. :/
this is my brother
I'm busy roudning up my uncompleted piccies^_^ I did this one before the summer vacation. The first "real" pic of her, the other three were oekakies. (I rushed this pic a bit >_<)
Some guy I drew off of a description ^_^
the first comic strip of a series called Empty Punchline my friends and I are trying to get going.
Bookmarks!! This one is from Sailor Moon too! ^^ Colored: Photoshop 5.5 (yeah I know very old -.-') But that was 6 months ago XD I found a image of this, so I drew it X3
cleaning this one up to color it possibly later
A sketch of a super hero girl.
This idea just kind of popped into my head. I'm not sure if i'll finish it or not, but i think it could turn out pretty nice. C+C would be much appreciated on this one. I already kind of set up a bg city scape with a sun setting but color schemes and anatomy crit would be great ^_^
a quick drawn page that will get it's text bubbles once I have colored it. If I can color it ofcourse, lol.

Hope you guys dig, (read from left to right)